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He was sitting at the same table at an eating place in Kathmandu. I pointed the camera at him. He didn’t react so I shoot.

In travelling, I noticed that locals react better to western traveller than they did to locals or Asian travellers. I believe that westerners who travel with the “Stay away from me! I’m not an ATM machine!” kind of attitude shouldn’t even leave their countries in the first place. Too much negative energies!!!
I often get annoyed when travellers say, “People are nice there.” when describing a place. I would respond, “People are nice everywhere. Whether you find them or not is another matter. Just because someone is nice to you doesn’t mean that person is nice. They might want something from you!”

There are three things I would often share with westerners that I met in travel:

1. Don’t get too drunk in countries you don’t speak the language.
2. When locals ask too many questions, try to not be too annoyed because not all curious people have the money to travel.
3. The reason you could travel is because you come from a country with stronger currency and you make more per hour. So, stop rubbing it in about how cheap things are. Most of the time, they are NOT!!!

People used to travel because they are curious. Nowadays, it seems that people travel so that they could show off on their Facebooks and Instagrams! I see insensitivities everywhere!!!

Enough rambling.

Thank you very much for all the views, faves and comments on my stream of “Beauty in Simplicity” photos where through timing, framing and settings, I try to make everyday life everywhere look beautiful.

ps: I actually have ONE gallery called WHY NOT???
The truly excellent photos there are attention catching, nicely framed and clean portraits of children from all over the world.
Please visit the gallery and enjoy.
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  • Taken: Apr 12, 2010
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  • Updated: May 29, 2020