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Alex Pang / 95 items

615 photos
Pictures from 2019

My books
214 photos
Pictures related to Shorter, Rest, and Distraction Addiction.

Pictures of me
108 photos
Various pictures from talks, travels, conferences, workshops, etc.

Talk pictures
526 photos
Pictures that can illustrate the contemplative computing project.

London, York and Norwich 2019
389 photos

Netherlands 2019
27 photos

Baku 2019
179 photos

Asia 2019
264 photos

180 photos
Pictures from recent research trips.

Europe 2018
277 photos
My trip to Obidos, Portugal; Glasgow; Edinburgh; Copenhagen; and London and environs, September-October 2018.

England 2018
164 photos

50 photos

Europe 2017
312 photos
Trip to the Netherlands, Switzerland, Denmark, and Luxembourg!

SoCal Road Trip 2017
41 photos

Kauai 2017
1 photo

Kauai 2017
7 photos

Europe 2016
244 photos
My trip to London, Downe, and Amsterdam, November 2016.

Japan 2016
115 photos
Pictures from September 2016.

London 2015
158 photos
A research trip to the British Museum, LSE, and Cambridge.

The Distraction Addiction
213 photos
Photos related to my book, "The Distraction Addiction: Getting the Information You Need and the Communication You Want, Without Enraging Your Family, Annoying Your Colleagues, and Destroying...

Western Road Trip
83 photos

Princeton and New Haven 2014
95 photos
My trip to East Coast to speak at the Princeton Atelier on Nov. 6, 2014, and at the Hopkins School in New Haven on Nov. 7, 2014.

PopTech 2013
72 photos
Pictures from the PopTech conference, and the lovely town of Camden, Maine.

Penn and Philadelphia
102 photos
Mainly taken during trips in 2013 and 2014.

Cambridge 2011
1686 photos
Pictures taken during my stay in Cambridge, England, during the winter of 2011.

Peninsula School, Menlo Park, CA
778 photos
Pictures of the Peninsula School, a progressive nursery and elementary school in Menlo Park, California. Peninsula was founded in 1925, and is one of the oldest independent progressive schools in...

Davis and Ariel
101 photos
The Canine American part of the family.

199 photos
Pictures of our Carolina, who lived with us from January to October 2012. He was a good boy.

72 photos

DC and New York, July 2013
69 photos
Pictures from my July 8-13 trip to Washington DC and New York City.

Stata Center
26 photos

Gothic architecture
324 photos

Kauai 2013
87 photos

Disneyland and California Adventure, 2013
62 photos

France: Lift11 and Paris
342 photos
My talk at the Lift11 conference in Marseille, France, as well as pictures of Paris.

Workshops and conferences
19 photos

Distraction Addiction posters
3 photos
The propaganda posters for The Distraction Addiction.

6 photos

My Hipstamatic obsession
955 photos
A simple iPhone app with lots of retro lenses and films and flashes. But of course it's none of those things: it's all software. Still, there's something about it that makes it awfully fun to play...

Phrases and signs
806 photos
Phrases and signage from all over the world. I use some of these pictures in my talks.

Malaysia and Singapore, 2010
223 photos
Trip to Singapore and Malaysia, July 2010. Visiting family, and giving a talk at a conference in Putrajaya.

Europe Fall 2009
509 photos
September 2009 trip to Vienna, Budapest, Oxford and London. Technically it actually started in Philadelphia.

South Africa, September 2008
18 photos
My totally lame two-day trip to Johannesburg, South Africa in September 2008. Lame because it was so short, not because of the country.

1196 photos
Pictures from England (mainly London, Oxford and Cambridge) through 2010.

Oxford University
353 photos
Pictures from various trips to Oxford over the years.

Bath and Bristol, March 2011
158 photos
From our trip to the lovely Georgian city of Bath, and the rather more modern city of Bristol, March 17-19, 2011.

Edinburgh 2011
232 photos
Pictures from our weekend in Edinburgh, March 2011.

137 photos
Pictures of Ely, mainly Ely Cathedral, the small town just north of Cambridge.

The Orchard
123 photos
The delightful tea shop in Grantchester, made famous by the likes of Rupert Brooke and Virginia Woolf. These pictures are of the Orchard itself, and the path from Cambridge to Grantchester, through...

Turku, Finland June 2007
200 photos
My wife and I went to Turku, Finland June 5-8, 2007. I was there for a conference on culture and innovation; she was there to see Finland. These are pictures from that trip.

King's College Chapel
33 photos
The Tudor dynasty's greatest piece of bling.

Oxford Budapest and Vienna, June 2008
462 photos
June-July 2008

Mount Tamalpais
53 photos
Pictures from Mount Tamalpais and the northern California coast, August 2012.

iPhone macro lens pictures
21 photos
Pictures taken with a DIY macro lens made from the focusing lens from an old DVD player.

Being Human
17 photos

Salvador, Bahia, 1972
29 photos
Pictures from Salvador, Bahia from 1972. I lived there for a year when I was a kid, and just scanned the negatives.

94 photos
Panoramas created with the Autostitch program in iPhoto.

Bay Area Parks
391 photos
Pictures from hikes and rides around the Bay Area.

Lick Observatory
28 photos
Pictures from our July 3 visit to the Lick Observatory, Mount Hamilton, CA.

Plastic Bullet
35 photos
Pictures altered with the iPhone app Plastic Bullet.

429 photos
Places I go through a lot... but which are themselves interesting places.

204 photos
Pictures of libraries from around the world

Malaysia and Singapore, April 2008
368 photos
Pictures from my trip to Penang, Shah Alam, and Singapore, April 2008.

Science Cities
239 photos
Science cities, science parks, and big science buildings around the world. They're a professional interest of mine.

Hidden Villa
62 photos
Camping trip to Hidden Villa, March 20-22, 2009.

My Arcades Project
106 photos
Pictures of arcades, courtyards and similar enclosed architectural spaces, mainly in Europe.

Montana August 2010
4 photos

SciBarCamp Palo Alto
2 photos

Jess' farewell party!
31 photos

Family vacation in Europe
341 photos
August 2008 in Germany and England.

Budapest September 2007
560 photos
My first trip to Central Europe, September 24-October 4. A couple conferences, some talks, and visits to lots of interesting places, or so I hope.

627 photos
Pictures from trips to Singapore, April 2007, April 2008, and July 2008. With a few quick stopovers in Hong Kong to change planes and get some coffee. I think Singapore is one of the most photogenic...

Whidbey Island
24 photos
Two days in Whidbey Island, September 2008, to attend Claire and Dan's wedding.

Camp Winnarainbow
86 photos

Internet cafes
12 photos

96 photos
My favorite place on Earth!

Hotel views
119 photos
Views from various hotel rooms in Europe, Hawaii, Australia, Hungary, Malaysia, Singapore, and elsewhere. Usually these are views from the window; very occasionally they're views from the downstairs...

Bathroom remodel!
48 photos
The Great Hall Bathroom Renovation, November 2007.

Atlanta 2007
27 photos
Family trip to Atlanta, Georgia, September 2007.

Australia January 2007
244 photos
My trip to Perth and Sydney Australia, Jan 29-31, 2007. Yes, I fly all the way from San Francisco to the western coast of Australia, and stay for two days.

Peninsula School Auctions
47 photos
Photos from Peninsula School auctions, 2005-2008. Most of the 2006 photos were taken by Renee Fadiman. Alex Pang took the rest.

Disneyland 2007
83 photos
Pictures from the family trip to Disneyland, February 2007, with a bit of an emphasis on Tomorrowland, which I've become obsessed with.

Kauai August 2006
231 photos
From the family trip to Kauai, Hawaii, August 2006.

74 photos
Places I've worked, things I've worked on, people I've worked with.

83 photos

Washington DC
243 photos
Pictures from my trips to Washington DC. Mainly, though, pictures of Dulles Airport.

Denmark October 2005
101 photos
Trip to Aarhus and Copenhagen, 24-27 October 2005.

Aspen October 2005
33 photos
October 18-19 in Aspen, Colorado, for the Asian American Journalists' Association meeting.

London spring 2005
93 photos
My trips to London, March and April 2005.

Denmark 2004
101 photos
November-December 2004 trip to Aarhus and Copenhagen, with a quick afternoon's visit to Malmo, Sweden.

More Snakes on a Dane
16 photos

Cool cakes
10 photos
Birthday cakes in the Pang family. Mainly made by my wife and sister-in-law, with my daughter as creative consultant. I couldn't bake to save my life.

Daddy + iPod
5 photos
Pictures drawn by my daughter of me and my iPod. part of an ongoing series.

Kepler's Books
15 photos
Pictures from the closing of Kepler's Books, a Menlo Park institution.

48 photos