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Nusa Tenggara Timur trip with Alex
189 photos
Sumba, W Flores, Komodo and Rinca, September 2014

Daxi deepwater & offshore fishing port, Taiwan
40 photos

Fauna of Panama - part 1 (terrestrial)
1305 photos

Arthropods of South America, with focus on the...
1763 photos, 1 video
Colombia, Peru, Ecuador, Brazil, Bolivia, Guyana, Venezuela, Chile ..

68 photos
Brussels, Tervuren and Bruges (Brugge)

253 photos

Saudi Arabia
71 photos
Scientific cruise to the Farasan Islands, Red Sea of Saudi Arabia

Sulawesi and Lombok
246 photos
pictures taken in Sulawesi (Makassar, Bantimurung, Bogani Nani Wartabone, Tangkoko and around Tomohon) and Lombok, Indonesia

Singapore Marine Biodiversity Survey
192 photos

Madang, PNG
45 photos
marine survey of the Madang lagoon, Nov-Dec 2012 most general photographs were taken by Zdenek Duris, Daisuke Uyeno and Frederik Leliaert, all animal photos are mine

Wildlife of Singapore
200 photos

Coins and stamps
24 photos

18 photos

122 photos

Bali - IBRC 2012
10 photos

Brazilian Amazon
512 photos

The Philippines
44 photos

224 photos

215 photos

Bolivia trip with Andrew
659 photos
pictures taken in July-August 2011 during our trip to Bolivia (La Paz, Coroico, Madidi NP, Serere Reserve, Santa Cruz, Amboro NP)

Serere Reserve, Bolivian Amazon
90 photos

Madidi National Park, Bolivian Amazon
341 photos
Most photos were taken around Berraco del Madidi camp-site, deep inside the spectacular Madidi National Park. We highly recommend Berraco del Madidi to anyone who is really interested in rainforest...

Refugio los Volcanes, near Amboro National Park,...
124 photos

Tampa Zoo
22 photos

Amsterdam and Leiden
61 photos

687 photos

Leafhoppers - Cicadellidae
121 photos

Assassin bugs - Reduviidae
80 photos

Caterpillars of the world
104 photos

116 photos
with Paul Bertner (pbertner)

Copepoda - Copepods
20 photos

Iconography for Invertebrate Zoology Course
530 photos, 2 videos

Thomisidae, Aphantochilidae - Crab spiders
23 photos

61 photos

Salticidae - Jumping Spiders
128 photos

29 photos

14 photos

Peninsular Malaysia
131 photos
Kuala Lumpur, Endau Rompin National Park and Bukit Fraser (Fraser's Hill) a trip with Farhan (myrmician) and Jason (giviak)

Western Australia
28 photos
Perth and Ningaloo Reef National Park

758 photos

357 photos

Scientific photography
577 photos

Ecuador: Reserva Biologica del Río Bigal (Bigal...
104 photos
pictures from Thierry & Marion's reserve near Sumaco NP, Ecuador

New Zealand
78 photos
pictures from a short trip around North Island of New Zealand

Shrimps of the World
157 photos, 1 video
Caridea, Stenopodidea, Dendrobranchiata

Phasmatoptera - Stickinsects
65 photos

70 photos

254 photos

Scorpiones - Scorpions
59 photos

Italy : Milano / Cinco Terre
20 photos

87 photos

Echinodermata - Echinoderms
37 photos

Parasitism & phoresis
44 photos

Media and Society
40 photos

Solifugae - Camel Spiders
15 photos

Mountains of the World
312 photos

50 photos

Sunsets and sunrises
45 photos

Deserts of the World
410 photos

New Mexico, July 2009
160 photos
short trip to New Mexico, 10-15 July 2009

148 photos, 1 video

Royal Tyrrell Museum of Paleontology
36 photos
Drumheller, Alberta, Canada

Alberta trip in June 2009
160 photos
Edmonton - Jasper - Calgary - Drumheller

16 photos

Crabs of the World
230 photos
Brachyura only for anomuran crabs see Crustacea set

937 photos, 2 videos
everything that has to do with seas and oceans

R/V Bellows 6 day cruise off Florida Keys
35 photos

Washington DC
43 photos

Blattoptera - Cockroaches
44 photos

Mantoptera - Praying Mantids
81 photos

Poison dart frogs in situ
38 photos

335 photos
Cali and Bahia Malaga (2009) Bogota and Leticia (Amazon) (2010)

332 photos

CReefs Lizard Island
55 photos

Books, CDs, documentaries and movies
55 photos

Opiliones - Harvestmen of the World
145 photos

Membracidae - Treehoppers
85 photos

Venezuelan Gran Sabana
147 photos

French Polynesia
196 photos, 1 video
Biocode 2008 expedition

Madagascar and Mayotte
338 photos

2079 photos, 3 videos
photos made between September 2005 and August 2007 in Panama

554 photos, 2 videos
Some of the >2000 of photos I took in Peru in December 2007 - Januar 2008

675 photos

Sao Tome (Gulf of Guinea, West Africa)
69 photos, 1 video

279 photos
Santiago, Coquimbo and Norte Grande

82 photos
pictures taken during the Yaqara Bay Biodiversity Survey

88 photos

56 photos, 1 video

303 photos
photos from my short trip to southern Morocco: Marrakesh - Ouarzazate - Dadès - Todra - Rissani - Merzouga - Nekob - Tazzarine - Zagora

Costa Rica
67 photos

Street and wall art
24 photos

United Kingdom
200 photos
pictures from London, Oxford, Cambridge

678 photos
our trip to Ecuador, started in Quito, rented a car, drove south to via Latacunga to Puyo, then north to Coca and back to Quito

Sri Lanka 24 h stop-over
23 photos

263 photos

248 photos

18 photos

19 photos

Shrimp taxonomy course in Bocas del Toro, Panama:...
111 photos, 1 video
this set will contain >1000 photos taken by various people during the shrimp taxonomy course at the STRI station in Bocas del Toro, Panama, August 4-16 2008, and on trips to Soberania NP and Altos...

Orthoptera Ensifera - Katydids and Crickets of...
359 photos
katydids, crickets, bush crickets and king crickets from around the world

Your faves
33 photos
some of my visitors' faves

Mollusca - Mollusks
134 photos, 1 video

A friend's apartment in Paris
22 photos

Orthoptera Caelifera - Grasshoppers of the World
404 photos
Grasshoppers & grouse locusts from around the world

Beautiful people
137 photos

Nature's colours
681 photos
bright or dull, intense or gentle, nature's colours and patterns never stop amazing me

Fauna of the Peruvian Amazon
266 photos, 2 videos

Neotropical moths
150 photos

History and archaeology
49 photos

Terrestrial fauna of northern Chile
56 photos

Crustacea and other aquatic invertebrates of Chile
47 photos

TCS meeting and shrimp course in La Serena, Chile
60 photos

Food and markets
122 photos

296 photos

Passive defense in animals
254 photos, 1 video
Aposematic, mimicry, camouflage

Wasp mimicry
33 photos

Collembola, Archaeognatha, Thysanura -...
13 photos

Minor insect orders
67 photos
Isoptera, Ephemeroptera, Psocoptera, Zoraptera, Embioptera, Trichoptera, Neuroptera, Megaloptera

Diptera - Flies, Midges and Mosquitoes
143 photos

Hymenoptera - Wasps, Bees and Ants
202 photos

Odonata - Damselflies and Dragonflies
53 photos, 1 video

Dermaptera - Earwigs
29 photos

Lepidoptera - Butterflies and Moths, and their...
618 photos, 1 video

23 photos
collages showing a small selection of species in a group of animals

Operation Wallacea (Honduras)
68 photos
Images of marine animals (mostly decapod crustaceans) we made during the Operation Wallacea on the island of Utila (Honduras) in June-July 2007; I also added images of insects and spiders, taken...

Fauna of Panama and Costa Rica
1321 photos, 2 videos

Fauna of Ecuador
575 photos

Singapore - city and wildlife
351 photos

Fauna of Sabah (Borneo)
263 photos
Small animals of Sabah (Malaysian part of Borneo)

Moths of Sabah (Borneo)
233 photos
Moths of Sabah (Malaysian part of Borneo)

Fauna of Sao Tome
54 photos, 1 video
Small animals (marine and terrestrial) of Sao Tome, an island in the Gulf of Guinea, West Africa

Fauna of southern Morocco
100 photos
Small animals I found in the oases, canyons, stony and sandy deserts south and east of Ouarzazate in Morocco

4 photos

France and Switzerland
414 photos

Spain and Portugal
38 photos

USA, previous trips (2001-2005)
23 photos
Older photos from New York and Arizona

Marine invertebrates
814 photos, 2 videos

Crustacea - Crustaceans
602 photos, 1 video
Crabs, shrimps, mudshrimps, hermit crabs, isopods, mantis shrimps, copepods ...

Alpheidae - Snapping Shrimps
61 photos, 1 video
Snapping or pistol shrimps - my study animals

Wormy critters
137 photos
Platyhelminthes, Nematoda, Nemertea, Annelida (including Echiura, Sipuncula), Hemichordata, Cephalocordata

Chelicerata - Arachnids, Seaspiders, Horseshoe...
821 photos, 1 video
Spiders and their kin: scorpions, whip spiders, harvestmen, camel spiders; also sea spiders and horseshoe crabs

Orthopteroid Orders - Katydids, Grasshoppers,...
942 photos

Hemiptera - Bugs, Cicadas, Leafhoppers, Scale...
553 photos
Order Hemiptera: true bugs, leafhoppers, treehoppers, cicadas etc.

Coleoptera - Beetles
483 photos, 1 video

Myrmecomorphy - ant mimicry
23 photos
Spiders, true bugs, mantids, and flies mimicking ants

14 photos
First UW pictures by my dive buddies

Vertebrates: Mammals, Birds, Reptiles,...
653 photos

People and places
2091 photos, 1 video
The world I travelled or lived in: landscapes, cities, towns, villages, museums, buildings, and people (including my friends, parents and myself)

Friends & co
281 photos
having good times with my friends all over the world: France, Fiji, Ecuador, Australia, Tunisia, Canada, Spain, Panama, Singapore, Chile, US ...

My faves
504 photos, 1 video

Plants and fungi
247 photos

60 photos

Domestic animals
92 photos
Domestic animals and pets

Animal objects
27 photos

Nature curiosities
62 photos
Imitations of human faces, masks, humans, other animals, objects .. Of course, in a very anthropomophic point of view

Millipedes and centipedes ("Myriapoda")
84 photos

74 photos

Barro Colorado Island (BCI), Panama
165 photos