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summer of 2016 & 2017

24 photos

24 photos

51 photos

Bosque Del Apache, New Mexico
32 photos

Florida 2013
42 photos

winter 2013
3 photos

Florida 2012
29 photos

local birds FAll 2012
7 photos

marsh down the road
11 photos

Parker River NWR
6 photos

Oh the Hoodies...
7 photos
Had a wonderful afternoon with the Hoodies. About a dozen or so pair. The boys and girls were cruisin for a mate and hope of all good things to come. Lots of chase scenes; preening and more...

red breasted merganser duck love
5 photos

tHANKsgiving in Florida
22 photos
Not an out of place capitalization; but a real Thanksgiving for my friend Hank Halsey. It all started nearly two years ago. It was my maiden voyage to the Everglades and being mesmerized with such...

american lotus with RWBB
6 photos

Sweet Pea
2 photos

panama april 2011
27 photos
Ten days in Panama staying with avid birders, no serious birders, no fanatics!!! They live an hours drive up the mountain from Panama City. Every morning rise and shine and load into the truck at...

11 photos

Machias Seal Island, Maine
12 photos

Captive Birds
3 photos
I visited Livingston Ripley Waterfowl Conservancy located in Litchfeld, Connecticut. www.lrwc.net Today was their 6th annual "Duck Day." Heavenly and heavenly grateful for this...

birds in my backyard...
24 photos

Forsythe NWR May 2011
23 photos
One of my favorite places to be! I spent the last three days enjoying the company of many new arrivals. Here are a few of the shorebirds I spent hours with.

Forsythe NWR March 2011
10 photos

Barnegat Jetty, NJ harlequin ducks
7 photos
Went to the jetty and was able to walk out till I came across the lovely Harlequin ducks. Life bird for me and I was delighted to watch these guys hug the rocky coast and bob and dive and splash...

Forsythe NWR and Barnegat February 2011
4 photos

GBH Wakodahatchee Wetlands
4 photos

mixed set
6 photos

Harrier Hawk @ Edwin Forsythe NWR
10 photos

Hilsboro Inlet FL
3 photos

Green Cay Nature Center
13 photos

Viera Wetlands, FL
15 photos

Merritt Island, Titusville FL
6 photos

Chincoteague NWR
7 photos

Forsythe NWR January 2011
4 photos

Not birds
1 photo

Winter Birds 2011
7 photos

Anhinga Trail FL
11 photos
Birds of the Everglades

insects, flowers landscape
15 photos