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I was in Newport RI and lost the posse of photographers I was with. As I turned around and headed back, I stopped to check out this couple. I noticed the male and female were as close as they could get to one another, facing opposite directions, tails up, and going around in a circle. Kinda like a do-si-do square dance two step thing. Then they were side by side, as close as you could get. And, very cooperatively she lowered herself and Mr, Merganser jumped on board. To the left they swam and then to the right. It all ended too quickly I thought, but then again they have all day long to practice, practice, practice...

He was seen proudly displaying his sweet orange foot. She was seen smoking a cigarette and preening.

Can't wait for the ducklings. Yahooey
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  • Taken: Feb 18, 2012
  • Uploaded: Feb 20, 2012
  • Updated: Sep 20, 2016