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Yesterday, Friday, 5 August 2022: just before 10:00 am, our temperature was only 11°C (feels like 8°C). Sunrise was at 6:07 am and sunset was at 9:15 pm. Such a welcome break from the very hot weather we have been having for ages, though it was quite windy. After tomorrow, we return to hot weather again.

Just before 1:00 am this morning, 6 August 2022, I again added another five photos taken on 28 July 2022. On that day, I went for a drive out of the city. Having stayed home for eight days because of an extremely painful infected tooth, I just needed to get out for a few hours. It got up to 33C when I was out that day. For some reason, my tooth and jaw became almost as painful as at the beginning. Two weeks of this pain has been more than enough, and I got a root canal in the afternoon on 3 August! Have to get it finished in a week's time. Not sure if I will be getting a root canal in a second tooth that day, too. I most definitely did not enjoy my appointment on 3 August! It was a complicated root canal, as part of the gum had grown into a cavity in the tooth. Fortunately, my dentist is also a Dental Surgeon and he really wanted to save the tooth. He told me that I must have broken the record for how many instruments he needed to use in my mouth. Now I am into the third week of not being able to eat on that side of my mouth - thank goodness for endless soups.

My trip on 28 July started with a visit to the Saskatoon Farm for a late breakfast. I knew that the Farm was going to get busier than ever and I wanted to take a few bright, colourful photos while I had the chance. Every time I go to the Farm, new things have been added. Hard-working, creative owners and staff! Everyone is so friendly there.

From the Farm, I drove further south-east and quickly checked out Frank Lake and area. It was too hot for me to do more than a very short walk just as far as the American Pelicans. Driving a back road or two, I only saw a few small birds. Maybe it was just too hot for them. I did see a Yellow-headed Blackbird at the lake, standing on a rock with its wings slightly open and its beak open, in order to cool down a little. I was also very happy to see a beautiful adult, dark morph Swainson's Hawk perched on a fence railing along one of the roads.
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  • Taken: Jul 28, 2022
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