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User / Anna Kwa / Sets
153 items

Taiwan (臺灣)
24 photos

Paradise On Earth
29 photos

7 photos

Belgium/ Paris
37 photos

The World I Dream
37 photos

Journey To The Past
166 photos

28 photos

22 photos

New Zealand (II)
106 photos

The City Of Angels (Bangkok)
20 photos

The Pearl of the Orient. (Penang)
13 photos

33 photos

54 photos

27 photos

San Francisco
9 photos

6 photos

New England
52 photos

20 photos

Heaven On Earth
48 photos
A dairy of my journey on earth

Through The Valley Of Death
38 photos

In God's Country
78 photos

New Zealand
96 photos
My memories of this beautiful country are captured in these photographs as I spent 10 days traveled through the breathtaking South Island.

The Souls of Li River
26 photos

Dream A little Dream
166 photos

88 photos

56 photos

City Of Freedom
6 photos

Almost Heaven
26 photos
moments in nature that touched my heart and soul.

I Have The Blues
26 photos

Life Is A Stage
7 photos

Cities Of Dreams (New York and South East, USA,...
45 photos

Arirang (Seoul)
32 photos

Moments To Reflect II
148 photos

东方之珠 Pearl Of The Orient (Hong Kong)
25 photos

On Earth As It Is In Heaven
54 photos

Soul Of The Feathers
22 photos

The Heartland
8 photos

The Stories Of The Tree
37 photos

Heart & Souls
219 photos

A Touch Of Paradise
40 photos

Profile pics
6 photos

Moments To Reflect
170 photos

The Stories Of Faces
140 photos

The Art Of Tulips
59 photos

The Art Of Macro (Flower) 6
126 photos

Moments to Remember II
209 photos

The Misty Mountain
22 photos
This is a set dedicated to the beautiful stratavolacno in East Java, Indonesia.

Birds Of Paradise
52 photos

The Art Of Flower (Macro) 5
103 photos

Moments To Remember
142 photos

70 photos

Butterfly Kingdom
126 photos

The Art of Flower (Macro) 4
80 photos

Beautiful Australia
38 photos

梦幻之窗 ♥ Windows To Dreams ♥
153 photos
In this set, I try to capture my nature shots with a more abstract and artistic interpretation! It is like painting with my lens! I invite you to step into my dreams........

Here & There
4 photos
In this set are random photos taken in my trips to West Malaysia.

Windows of Paradise
56 photos
In this set are images from Cameron Highlands, a paradise where nature can be discovered in the most unique way.......I invite you to step into the windows of Paradise through my lens. Best to view...

The Art Of Flower (Macro) 3
68 photos

We Are Singapore
18 photos
On August 9th, Singapore celebrated its 47th birthday! In this set are some images of Singapore National Day 2012.

The Art Of Flowers (Macro) 2
50 photos
This is my second set of Macro shots on flowers. In all the images, I try to capture the flowers in my artistic interpretation. Enjoy!

The Art Of Orchid (Macro)
8 photos
In this set, I include images of Orchid flowers taken at the Annual Garden Festival of Singapore 2012. I try to capture these flowers through my artistic interpretation! Enjoy !

It's A Bugs' World
150 photos
In this set are images of bugs that I encountered in the nature reserves!

The Heart Of The Garden City III
83 photos
In this set are images of the garden city--Singapore.

Paradise III
83 photos

Fly Fly Away
75 photos
"Did you ever know that you're my hero, And everything I would like to be? I can fly higher than an eagle, For you are the wind beneath my wings. It might have appeared to go unnoticed, But...

Flowers of the Garden City 4
51 photos

Paradise II
48 photos
In this set are images from nature reserves of the garden city. Enjoy my little "paradise" away from the city life! Here's a Youtube to go with the slide...

Secret Garden
46 photos
In this set are images of the various gardens in Singapore.

The Art Of Flowers (Macro)
49 photos
In this set of images, I try to capture the flowers in an artistic and abstract way! As I am searching to take my photography to a higher level....I am no longer happy with just shooting flowers as...

Sunrise, Sunset
64 photos

47 photos
In this set are images from "Sugei Buloh Wetland Reserve", "Macritchie Reservoir" and other Nature Reserves in Singapore. It is like a little "paradise" away from the...

The Heart Of The Garden City II
44 photos
In this set are some images of the garden city--Singapore. Enjoy :D

Portraits II
41 photos

Flowers of the Garden City 3
44 photos

A Place To Remember
68 photos
Here in this set are images of my hometown ...a continuation of my first set :Home is where the heart is!

The Art Of Music
9 photos

44 photos

Foliage of the Garden City II
47 photos

Flowers of the Garden City 2
58 photos

The heart of the Garden City I
49 photos
In this set. I have included some interesting architecture and images of the island city of Singapore.

Random Photos 2
48 photos

A glimpse of Kuala Lumpur
51 photos
“The city has a face, the country has a soul.” In this set of images....a glimpse into the city of the capital of Malaysia-- Kuala Lumpur

World of Cacti
8 photos
These cacti were taken at the Garden By The Bay, Singapore.

Flowers of Garden City 1
84 photos

Reflection of Water
19 photos

A home away from home--Malacca
27 photos
In these are set of images taken from the Town of Malacca-- a historical town where I was born.

Home is where the heart is
56 photos

Flickr Explore
115 photos
These are images on Flickr Explore

Foliage of the Garden City
68 photos

Art of Patterns
6 photos

Flowers of Singapore VI
74 photos

The Art of Nature
24 photos

Art Photos
6 photos

Home is where the heart is....
1 photo

The Art Of Waterlilies
1 photo
I have started painting some of the flowers from the photos I took! Come back and visit from time to time if you are interested as I will be adding more items as I continue my painting journey...

1 photo

Orchids of Singapore
137 photos

Creatures of the Zoo, Singapore
29 photos

Chinese Garden of Singapore
57 photos

Singapore --here and there
25 photos

Beautiful Swan
16 photos

BIrds of Paradise
55 photos

8 photos

Daydream Island
21 photos

Hamilton Island
10 photos

Whitehaven Beach
10 photos

Marina Barrage, Singapore
49 photos

20 photos

Leeuwin-Naturaliste National Park
23 photos

SW Australia
46 photos

Creatures & Plants
83 photos

29 photos

19 photos

Great Barrier Reef, Australia
17 photos

The Bell Tower
12 photos

43 photos

Adelaide Botanic Garden
15 photos

11 photos

13 photos

Point Ellen
18 photos

Duck Lagoon
8 photos

Kangaroo Island 1
87 photos

Kangaroo Island 2
105 photos

Flinders Chase National Park
46 photos

Magnificent Emu Bay
29 photos

American River
10 photos

Creatures of Kangaroo Island
32 photos

Flowers of Kangaroo Island
20 photos

30 photos
The eyes are the windows to the soul of a person.

Jewel of South China Sea
44 photos
Tioman is a beautiful exotic island off the west coast of Malaysia. This album is all about the beautiful scenery and creatures of Tioman. Check back for uploads in the coming days!

Tioman island 2
38 photos

Flowers of Tioman Island, West Malaysia
76 photos

Sunrise and sunset of Tioman Island
36 photos
this set, I attempted to capture the beautiful colors of the sunrise and sunset--every morning I would be put by the beach before the first ray of sunlight and every evening I will be there until the...

China Town in Singapore
163 photos

MONA, Tasmania
34 photos
MONA- museum of old and new arts.

Cradle Mountain, Tasmania
40 photos
Amazing Cradle Mountain. We were blessed to be able to see snow while we were up there. I was here 14 years ago and now 14 years later, we stood at the same spot with out 3 kids :D

Richmond, Tasmania
35 photos

Tasman Peninsula, Tasmania
29 photos

SW Wilderness Tasmania
84 photos
This SW wilderness tour was not in our original plan but we are so glad that we decided to do the impromptu trip when we weren't able to get out of Tasmania because of the ash cloud. We saw the most...

South West Wilderness 2, Tasmania
85 photos
The prestine south west wilderness is only accessible y foot or flight. We took the easy way out :D We took a 5 hours winter special tour with Par Avion and the scenery was spectacular.

Hobart, Tasmania
95 photos
We spent a total of 17 days in Tasmania and because of the Chile volcanic ash cloud which halted all flights out of Tasmania on June 12, we ended staying for another 6 days in Hobart . Hobart is a...

Sunrise & Sunset of Tasmania
14 photos
EVery morning without fail, I would wake up before the first ray of light and stood on the freezing balcony and wait for the sunrise. My effort was definitely rewarded with these beautiful views.

Mt Willington, Tasmania
7 photos
Spectacular views from Mt Willington.

East Coast, Tasmania
94 photos
We drove form Hobart to Coles Bay , spent some time at Freycinet National park and cape Tourville and finally up to St Helens. Beautiful scenery along the way.

Port Arthur
28 photos

Strahan, Tasmania
2 photos
We enjoyed the quiet beauty of Strahan. This little seaport town is very quiet during the winter season but nevertheless, the scenery is equally captivating with the still water and the gorgeous...

Bruny Island Cruise, Tasmania
62 photos
W had the best cruise with Bruny Island Cruise. The scenery was spectacular, the crews were fantastic. One of our most unforgettable trips!

Lake St Clair, Tasmania
59 photos

Flowers of Tasmania (Winter)
120 photos
I took over 300 photos of the different flowers in Tasmania (during our 17 days).

Burnie / Stanley, Tasmania
17 photos

Tahune Airwalk, Tasmania
7 photos

8 photos

Flowers of SW Australia
38 photos
These are flowers taken while on a trip tp SW Australia.