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User / Andrew :-) / Sets
48 items

North Wales 2021
46 photos

Devon, May 2019
46 photos

The Square Frame Photo Book
5 photos
The Square Frame, a photo book i made via Blurb. A selection of images from the last few years, feel free to take a look. www.blurb.co.uk/b/9353709-the-square-frame

Lake District May 2018
64 photos

Cornwall 2017
69 photos

Spain 2017
41 photos
Toledo, Salamanca, Madrid

428 photos

Bronica SQA II
1657 photos

Harperbury Hospital
30 photos

65 photos

Lomo LC-Wide
16 photos

Bronica SQA
2220 photos

FPP London 2012 Meetup
18 photos
Some images from an awesome meetup with the guys from the Film Photography Podcast. Great day! filmphotographyproject.com/podcast

53 photos

Mamiya C33
539 photos
Various shots taken with a Mamiya C33.

Sigma 10-20mm
189 photos

Olympus OM-10
257 photos
I really like this camera.

Human Beans
316 photos
Shots of people

Olympus XA2
21 photos
it's tiny

Personal Favourites
328 photos, 1 video
In no particular order.

197 photos
Buildings, man made structures & that type of jazz...

Yashica A
27 photos
My shots with the Yashica-A that I borrowed for a short while.

Various bits: Random
121 photos, 1 video
Pictures born out of boredom.

Nature & things of that nature
178 photos
Animals, trees, flowers, landscapes & so forth.

14 photos
Photo-montage type stuff.

World Zombie Day 2008
11 photos
Some un-dead foolery, it was quite funny.

22 photos

Autmn 08
9 photos

19 photos

Cheapo Macro shots
15 photos
Reversing my zoom lens to get the macro effect, a very cool idea someone told me about. Plus some shots taken with a macro extension tube i bought for £3.

Imperial War Museum
7 photos

Kew Gardens
16 photos
An afternoon stroll around Kew Gardens, the light faded quickly & by 4 o'clock i'd lost all the feeling in my right pinky finger...winters here folks.

Evening Stroll
18 photos

light trails
11 photos

5 photos
Was on my way home from ikea....(what a pain the backside that place is)...& i saw this parked up in the services station near my house. Decided to go get my camera & grab afew snaps.

13 photos

California dec 07
24 photos

Night Time Canary Wharf area
20 photos
Such a cool place for night time shooting, although once you cross the bridge into the Canary Wharf area you're not allowed to use a tripod.

London flickr meetup
7 photos

Zombie Walk
65 photos

Weekend Stuffs 22-23/9/07
41 photos
afew bits & pieces

The Barbican
6 photos

Autmn 07
15 photos

First shots with my new EOS 400D
6 photos

3 photos

Zombie walk 22/9/07
27 photos

3 photos

Clouds on the Thames
5 photos