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André Pipa / 66 items

Moçambique / Mozambique
70 photos

Night Lovers
48 photos

22 photos

11 photos

18 photos
The strongest love of all

Smile is so Easy
118 photos
... isn't it?

Princípe Island, Africa
32 photos
The Island of Príncipe, on the Gulf of Guinea, is a heavily eroded volcano over three million years old covered with luxuriant equatorial jungle. Represents the dream of any traveler: to find Nature...

Costa Vicentina, Portugal
55 photos
Portugal wild coast; some extraordinary beaches

Mystical Sintra
6 photos

London, UK
18 photos
The capital of the former Empire and certainly one of my favourite big cities

Goa, India
13 photos
Quiet, enchanting and peaceful place. Another India. Portuguese were here for 450 years and one still can see that

Roma, Italia
11 photos
The Eternal City, one of my favourites - a fascinating open air Museum

Where Art is
66 photos
Museums, Galleries, Monuments... Art everywhere, even in the streets - enjoy the ride

Egypt / Egipto
1 photo

Seeing red
115 photos
A tribute to red, the color of passion (and Liverpool FC)

Aerial - from the Sky
63 photos
Aerial photography is one of my passions. Everything is so much more graphic from the air. I am a big fan of Yann-Arthur Bertrand's work (hello up there). If only I had a small plane, door open...

São Tomé e Príncipe, Africa
159 photos
São Tomé e Príncipe is an African country in the Gulf of Guinea, right on the line of Equator. A former colony of the Portuguese Empire, the island of São Tomé offers dramatic landscapes with...

More than 100 faves
413 photos
Images with more than 100 faves up to 750 + faves. Thank you all

80 to 99 faves
230 photos
Images with at least 80 faves to 99 faves

Spirit of the City
318 photos
Cities: Streets, Atmosphere, People, Life, Moods, Tendencies

Black & White
64 photos
Fotografias em P&B B&W photographs

484 photos
These made Explore. Thank you.

Good light to everyone
304 photos
The importance of light

About the Ωκεανός / Ocean
305 photos
My passion. Just can't stay away from the ocean. I suppose it has someting to do with the Portuguese genetic code Ocean: from Greek Ωκεανός, Okeanos (Oceanus)

Brazil - Rio, Paraty, Bahia
12 photos

Cascais & Sintra region, Portugal
97 photos

More than 20.000 views
56 photos
Most viewed ... Images with more than 20.000 views. Thank you

New York City, USA
76 photos
Go go go go go go go go go go That's our (Alexandra and I) favourite city-destination. We do love NYC. Really.

4 photos

Antigua & Barbuda, Caribbean
3 photos

Praga / Prague
6 photos
Central Europe masterpiece. One of my favorites

South Africa
8 photos

1 photo

356 photos
Some nature wonders / landscapes & seascapes I’ve seen and photographed in my travels; hope you enjoy

Republica Dominicana
5 photos

Architecture & Design
400 photos
Architecture, design, graphism, lines, angles, geometry, patterns, space, volumes, light, shadows, colours. And some games.

491 photos
My Country. My Flag. My Loyalty. The oldest Nation in Europe (b. 1143). So proud of our History.

Pemba, Mozambique
17 photos

2 photos

Miami, Florida USA
1 photo
Sunshine people and a gorgeous Art Deco district

St.Thomas, Caribbean
1 photo

Porto Rico, Caribbean
1 photo

Home sweet home
114 photos
Family, n.º 1 priority. Love mine, treasure n.º 1

146 photos

7 photos
Where Europe meets Asia. An eternal city like Rome, Athens, Carthage and the Cairo. There's the sublime Hagia Sofia, the Blue Mosque, the Great Bazar, the Topkapi Palace, Beyoglu and the Golden Corn...

Maputo, Mozambique
7 photos

Saint Lucia, Caribbean
4 photos

Bazaruto Island, Mozambique
34 photos
One of the most beautiful islands I have seen in the World. A perfect Nature wonder. Unspoilt. Thank you so much for taking me there, Deolinda Stillwell.

Ibiza & Formentera
6 photos
La fiesta in Ibiza. Las playas in Formentera.

18 photos
The most beautiful country in Europe (with France). Has everything. Everything.

Mumbai, India
5 photos
Maybe the most frantic city I have ever been

Tailândia / Thailand
4 photos
Just smile

St. Maarten, Caribbean
3 photos
A kind of Caribbean Riviera. Europe's way of beaching. Charming.

5 photos

França / France
25 photos

People & Portraits
401 photos
Human Nature. People. Colours. Faces. Races. Emotions. Beliefs. In a word: Life.

St. Kitts & Nevis, Caribbean
3 photos

Damão & Diu, India
19 photos
Two former Portuguese enclaves in Northern India. Both quiet and peaceful. Welcome to the colors of India

11 photos
Born to be free. One day, companeros. One day.

Nova Zelândia / New Zealand
32 photos
My traveller's Holy Graal. What a magnificent and dramatic country. THE Nature Wonder.

Virgin Islands, Caribbean
13 photos
Tortola and neighbour Virgin Gorda. Two of the most beautiful islands in Caribbean. Fantastic memories.

Ilha de Moçambique
19 photos
The Island which was first capital of Mozambique. A jewel. Luis de Camões and Vasco da Gama stayed here. World Heritage by Unesco

Lisboa / Lisbon, my hometown
271 photos
Lisboa. My hometown. I was born here, I work here, I stop here, I live here, I love here. Lucky me. Lisbon was founded 3.212 years ago by the Phoenicians, as Alis Ubbo. It is one of the oldest cities...

Alemanha/ Germany
10 photos

Marrakech, Morocco
32 photos

Ericeira, Portugal
67 photos
Ericeira, old fishing village 50km from Lisbon. World Surf Reserve. Always in my heart. Always.