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Valérie Brunissen / 151 items

25 photos
My daughter starts Yale summer 2015 future memories

Let us stroll in the woods while the wolf is not...
10 photos

4 photos
Sony Alpha 850 full frame and ZhongYi Creator series, 85mmf2

sony 850 volna lens minolta lens
1 photo
Importation à partir de Windows C:\Users\valerie\Pictures\sony 850 volna lens minolta lens sur VAIOVALÉRIE

I am French
6 photos
I see thee still, And on thy blade and dudgeon gouts of blood, Which was not so before. (Macbeth) Rolleicord Art Deco, 1933 Kodak 120mm film HHI, Pinckney Island

Parallel worlds
4 photos
Another vision beyond physical parallelisms

Room 306
5 photos
A sense of freedom, morning

The Long Fingers of Decay
6 photos

Purple Garden
9 photos

Three days of Decay
2 photos
How time affects the beauty of peonies in the course of three days, there is one enchanted moment during which beauty and decay are found in equal proportion and this creates a unique look to them,...

Sony Alpha 850
65 photos
Test of full frame digital with old lenses M42 lenses or Pentacon mount

Twenty shades of home
5 photos
Domesticity, cat, flowers, light, life

4 photos
Overlaps in time and nature, the Lowcountry, SC

Bleak House
22 photos
Once a fairy tale castle, near Paris, the sad story of the Rothschild Mansion www.messynessychic.com/2013/02/28/the-rotting-rothschild-...

As I lay dying: Prépa Morte
9 photos
Flash mob demonstration, Lycée Janson de Sailly, Paris CONTRE LE PROJET PEILLON

Peillons les Profs
27 photos
Manifestation du 9 décembre, à Paris, grève nationale des professeurs et étudiants des classes préparatoires contre le projet Peillon

Sauvez les Prépas/Save the Prépas
43 photos
Manifestation à Paris le 2 et le 9 Décembre, contre la réforme Peillon visant à modifier le traitement, le statut et les obligations de service des professeurs de classes préparatoires aux...

Disappearing Act
28 photos
Act I Act II Act III Journées Européennes du Patrimoine, Physiopolis European Days of Buildings and Monuments Sept 2013 Photography exhibition in ile du Platais Rolleicord art déco, 1933

10 photos
Sheldon Chruch Ruins, SC. The Church was burnt twice and is still standing, in haunting silence.

First Rolleicords
42 photos
Rolleicord I Art deco 1933 My favorite of all Rolleicords

Eternal Home
18 photos
Abandonned house near Paris

6 photos
Alternative process Chocolate Brown Van Dyke, I love it

Blue Mood
6 photos
South Carolina, my soul place, in blue tones reminding of the beautiful Carolina Blue color on its flag Zelda Fitzgerald in a graveyard Old Plantation homes gone by

Pinhole Magic
47 photos
Pinhole photography, South Carolina

M42 atmosphere
71 photos
Pentax spotmatic II, Zenit cameras Pentaxon Electric 50mm, Helios 44, Helios 44 triple zero zebra, volna 50mm macro

Seagull 4BI
10 photos
Chinese medium format TLR

Lumireflex/ French vintage TLRs
75 photos
French old film cameras, medium format. Lumireflex Spector 80mm f4.5 Aiglon, Rex reflex, Semflex

13 photos
Zenit E, Zenit TTL, Zenit 12XP M42 mount lenses, Helios 58-2, Helios 44M, Pentacon electric 50mm, Volna macro 50mm

5 photos
Thank you for this

The Graveyard Pinhole photography
12 photos
The graveyard, dead trees on the beach due to erosion, Hunting Island, SC

Pentax 67
9 photos
Pentax 67 medium format camera, Pentax 150mm f2.4

Dusk in Venice
5 photos
Venice Pinhole Zero image

Venice Ghosts
8 photos

The Isle of the Dead
11 photos
San Michele, Venice.

Mystic City
17 photos

Venice Dark
8 photos
Arsenal. Venezian former maritime bastion shot in floating darkness, still ominously and eerily beautiful

51 photos
Medium format Arax (Kiev6)

Exakta Ihagee Varex Vintage film
42 photos
Exakta Ihagee Varex and Varex IIa with various lenses, CZJ Tessar 50mm, CZJ Biotar 58mm, Meyer Trioplan 50mm, Isco Westocolor 50mm f1.9

Liminal Digital
16 photos
Eos body, old Russian lenses, P6 mount lenses, Holga lens, Pinhole lens

28 photos

Ile de la Jatte
12 photos
Argentique Sépia Valérie Loiret

Ville de brume/ City of Mist
13 photos
La Défense

The Sensual Garden
22 photos
Jardin Albert Khan Boulogne, Hauts de Seine

PWII Last contact sheet VL
20 photos

London by Me
23 photos

Rêves de ville/ Soul City
21 photos
La Défense

Photowrap: task II contact sheet II Blurry Edges
12 photos
Photowrap II Edges of the City Blurring the Boundaries Reality Lines La Défense, at the outskirts of Paris. The biggest business center in Europe, sprawling over several city districts. Giant...

Photowrap II/ Task II
18 photos
2 contact sheets, so 24 photos. First roll: taken in Nanterre cemetery, in the suburbs,close to business center and towers of La Défense, near Paris. Second roll: taken in Passy cemetery, near the...

Photowrap II: Edges of the City
94 photos
Second documentary course Photowrap II

You can't go home again
38 photos
Documentary essay on an abandoned house near the river Seine some 30 kilometers away from Paris. The house is in a flooding zone. This story also reminds us of the impossibility of recapturing one's...

HeartbreaK Hotel
31 photos
If this place could talk Half an hour away from Paris, along the river Seine, once upon a time there was a hotel across a beach and pool on an island, and people could come on Sundays, have lunch,...

Grass and light
67 photos

Pentacon 6
514 photos
Photos taken with Pentacon 6 TL and Carl Zeiss Biometar 80mm f2.8+ Russian lenses, Vega 12B and Volna 3 MC

Rollei toned
27 photos
Sepia toning with Rolleiflex cameras, Rollei 6003, Rolleicord Vb

Into the sun
39 photos
Medium format and 135mm film essay Rolleiflex T, Rolleicord, Rollei 6003, Holga 120, VC Bessa III, Canon F1

34 photos
Nature and light Rolleicord Vb

Rolleicord Vb
56 photos
Photos taken with Rolleicord Vb

City of Lights Rollei T and Canon F1
18 photos
Dusk and sunset in Paris cloak Parisians in a magic atmosphere Medium format camera Rolleiflex T and Kodak Portra 800 shot at 100 Canon F1 New FD 50mm f1.4 Fuji Superia 800 shot at 400

Hotel de la Plage Rollei T/Bessa III
35 photos
If this place could talk Half an hour away from Paris, along the river Seine, once upon a time there was a hotel across a beach and pool on an island, and people could come on Sundays, have lunch,...

Rolleiflex T
68 photos
Rolleiflex T Tessar 75mm f3.5 Kodak Ektar 100 kodak Portra 800

At the Origin:Pinhole Photography
31 photos
Water, wild grass, light, wood, Life, still unshaped by man

15 photos
The beauty and light of childhood, and the affinity with water and freedom, the intense self absorption and perception of the world, the more solitary moments.

41 photos
The mysteries and beauties of the disappearing and reappearing edges of life and death, as sorrow and sadness merge into light and lush plants and wild grass, and testify of ancient love...

Between Two Worlds
25 photos
The shimmering lines between air and river, trees and water, light and death in the deep South

95 photos
Voigtlander Bessa III Kodak Portra 400 VC expired Fuji Pro 160

103 photos
120mm Fuji Reala 100 Kodak Ektacolor Pro 160

The Ordinary II
19 photos
Film shots for the photodocumentary essay The Ordinary Preparation for Final Edit

The Ordinary 35mm Final Edit
13 photos
Final set of 35mm shots for Photowrap essay Canon F1 New

Contact sheet 015
12 photos

Contact sheet 014
5 photos

Contact sheet 013 Holga
8 photos

Contact sheet 012 Holga
7 photos

contact sheet 011
13 photos
medium format

contact sheet 010
3 photos

contact sheet 009
7 photos

contact sheet 008
12 photos
photowrap essay

contact sheet 007
8 photos

Valerie Contact sheet 006
13 photos
Photowrap essay Eiffel tower upstairs

19 photos
Valerie Loiret Photo Essay The Ordinary Final with 6*6 Holga

Valerie Contact sheet 005
19 photos
La Course du Coeur Photowrap essay

Valerie Contact sheet 004
16 photos
Film contact sheet 004, Canon F1 New FD 35mm Ektar 100+ Fuji Reala 100

Contact sheet 003 Film shots
21 photos
Contact sheet for blue hour and night shots, Canon F1 35mm Portra 800

Digital contact sheet 002 (ideas)
3 photos
Test shots in digital Leica M9 to pair the postcards

Canon F1 New
297 photos
Pictures taken with Canon professional "work horse" and FD lenses I found a minty one in the US with AE finder and I am really happy with it

Full Frames: Analog and Digital
193 photos
I am very interested in shooting with full -frame digital Leica M9 and full-frame film Canon SLR: Canon AE1, Canon A1 and Canon F1 to show the differences between film and digital. Each camera...

Canon A1
170 photos
My favorite film camera with a variety of FD lenses, 50mm f1.4, Sigma Fisheye 17mm f4, 24mm S.S.C, 35mm f2 Kodak Portra 400 VC, Kodak Gold 200, Kodak 400, Fuji Reala 100 I first shot Canon A series...

The Lowcountry magic: Leica M9 and Canon A1
198 photos
This album was meant as a comparison, then gradually became an intimate collaboration between two full frame cameras, one digital- Leica M9- and one film camera-Canon A1-. I discovered that using...

The beauty of film
569 photos
Photos taken with film camera Canon A1 and professional color film Kodak 400 VC Portra and Fuji Reala 100 + Kodak 400 Gold and Kodak 400 Ultramax

Christmas Moods
198 photos
Paris, Hilton Head Island, Charleston, everywhere, a special 2010 Christmas. My husband could have died because of a brain stroke in August 2010, and survived.

Street Photography SPNP
58 photos
SPN Project for a year

London:Tales of a City
132 photos
The many faces of London with Leica M8.2 and M9 S. Johnson said that when " a man is tired of London he is tired of life", well I never am, neither of London, nor life

Faith IV: Passy Cemetary, Emotions in stone and...
38 photos
Passy Cemetary in Paris, where many artists and celebrities are buried, overlooking the Trocadero A place of many spiritual and photographic opportunities

Trees and Nature
93 photos

30 photos

Wide Angles
83 photos
Leica M8.2 and M8.1 + Zeiss ZM 21mm f4.5/Zeiss ZM Biogon 25mm f2.8/ Zeiss ZM Distagon 18mm f4/ Voigtlander Color Skopar 21mm f4

Secret Garden
161 photos
One of my favorite garden in Paris, which reminds me of an old family house I grew up with as a child (not a castle, though), its garden and maze-like paths and vegetation

656 photos
photos taken with Leica M8.2

In the Air
29 photos
My daughter on an aerial tree-top climbing course in the forest near Paris, in France, photographed with Leica M8.2 and Elmarit 28mm The beauty and bravery of youth, and sky and forest and light

Lights of Southern Cemetary: M8 and M9
27 photos
The evening lights in Hilton Head Island Zion Chapel of Ease and Cemetary, photographed with Leica M8 Zeiss ZM 25mm f2.8 and Leica M9 Zeiss ZM 50 Sonnar f1.5

The Sea Islands: Hunting Island Easter 2010
25 photos
Hunting Island State park and beach, a barrier island in SC with an old lighthouse, miles of sandy beach, fallen trees and receding shoreline due to erosion, a beautiful place to go and spend the day

Hilton Head 2010 Dog Walk
36 photos
Dog Walk taking place each year on Coligny Beach, HHI, SC

Hilton Head Island,SC
263 photos

24 Hours: From 10 a.m to 11a.m
44 photos
The scene takes place between 10a.m Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport, and 11a.m, Hilton Head Island, South Carolina the next day

Faith III: a moment of Epiphany in Paris
35 photos

Paris Marathon 2010:behind the spotlights
16 photos
A view of the Champs Elysées in Paris a few hours after departure of marathon, plastic bags littering the pavement, people picking up the discarded clothes of runners, and cleaning teams at work:...

Normandy Beaches
34 photos
Normandy beaches, Trouville, Deauville, Cabourg, Houlgate, Villers sur mer during Easter week end in France

Hilton Head Island, SC
561 photos
Beaches, life, islanders, happiness, skies, places

Art Opening in Paris
32 photos
An art opening in Paris, the artists from 59 Rue de Rivoli, and the public's reactions to art

Morning in Paris
103 photos
Early morning lights in Paris, in the heart of the capital, in the Saint Germain and Saint Michel(near Notre Dame Cathedral) areas, the literary center of Paris

M8 or M9 ?
286 photos
A comparative study of photos taken at the same location, with approximately the same light (end of afternoon) and same lens on M8 and M9, Zeiss ZM Biogon 35mm f2

739 photos
Landscapes, street photography, portraits and camera itself

Momo's Show for kids
67 photos
Momo's show and Le Suisse Marocain's paintings of children during a show on Saturday afternoon in artists' squat 59 Rue de Rivoli , Paris The show is photographed with Leica M9 (summicron 50mm f2)...

Ile de la Jatte:The Seine river and tags
114 photos
I live on an island, called ile de la Jatte, just on the outskirts of Paris. it was once the place of the Impressionists painters, it is quite a posh, suburban, residential place, yet the Seine...

Aliocha: A painter's many faces
68 photos
Aliocha is one of the painter working int the art squat 59 Rue de Rivoli, in Paris, a magic place of its own. Aliocha is wonderfully creative, thoughtful, questioning,expressive, agitated, doubtful,...

State of Neglect:the Rothschild Castle near Paris
120 photos
This beautiful castle was built on a replica of another castle in Versailles in 1893, then bought by James of Rothschild who had it entirely rebuilt in 1855 by Armand Berthelin in Louis XIV style....

Parisian gardens
260 photos

Up Close and Personal
121 photos
Personal and much loved

Chinese New Year in Paris II costumes
21 photos
The preparation of parade and traditional Chinese costumes in the street

Chinese New Year in Paris
32 photos
Chinese New Year celebration in Paris, Feb 14 starting near the town City Hall, and continuing Rue du Temple in the heart of Paris

Paris: Flee market under subway
19 photos
Flee market under line 6 subway in Paris

Reflets de Rue - Street Reflections
32 photos
Shooting at the terrasse of a Parisian café, Leica M8 and Elmarit 28mm

Paris:Trocadéro and Eiffel Tower
210 photos
Statues, people, light and perspectives on a cold rainy January day

Paris: Metro Lines
23 photos

Chimney Rock, NC
19 photos
Chimney Rock and falls, North Carolina

Beech Mountain at Night
4 photos
Beech Mountain, NC

North Carolina: Going Up and Down Broad River
22 photos
Broad River, Lake Lure, NC

North Carolina: Lakes
27 photos
Lake Lure, North Carolina Mornings, evenings, swimming, water sports

Savannah River
17 photos
Boats on the Savannah River, Georgia

Paris: Free Seine banks day in Levallois
38 photos
One special week end a year in Spring, Parisians enjoy free access (as well as regular week ends during the year) to the river Seine Banks, free of cars, for cycling, skating and walking

America on Eve: Once in a Blue Moon
26 photos
Full moon, when it comes twice in the same month, is called blue moon , though it is not blue - I kept the blue flare of the lens that night as a reminder.Blue moon on a New Year's Eve comes only...

Hope for a Better America
24 photos
Images shot during the financial and home crisis in America (South Carolina) in 2009

Polar Bear Plunges 2009,2010 and 2011
74 photos
A tradition in the Sea Islands, Hilton Head Island, Tybee Island (GA), Hunting Island: the islanders and volunteers plunge in icy ocean waters to celebrate the first day of the year . 2009 and 2010

America on Eve
26 photos
Christmas Eve in Beaufort, SC, late shoppers, ice-cream eaters, street lights, church goers on the Waterfront and the grace of children

Faith II: Sheldon Church Ruins, SC
41 photos
The majesty of oaks, the still repose of Sheldon Church, at the heart of the Lowcountry, SC. The church was burnt twice, once by the British in colonial times in 1779 then by the Confederate Army...

Birds and men: cast net fishing at sunset
22 photos
Cast net fishermen and boys, and very patient birds (egrets, cranes) waiting to be fed in Burke Beach shallow waters at low tide, SC. They have a silent understanding .

Magic Lights in the Night
67 photos
Magic Christmas lights in Dove Street, North Forest Beach, Hilton Head, SC. The whole street is decorated by the inhabitants who are sitting outside at night and wishing the passers- by a Merry...

Faith I: Père Lachaise in Paris
50 photos
Père Lachaise Cemetary, Paris, France

La fête est finie
194 photos
Fête foraine à Paris, dans le Bois de Boulogne, quelque jours avant la fin de la saison

Beaches, marshes and islanders
120 photos
Beaches of South Carolina, the Sea Islands and Hilton Head (Barrington Beach, Port Royal, Burke Beach)

Beaufort Water Festival Summer 2009
26 photos
The Water Festival In Beaufort, SC, a tradition since the 19th century, close to the May River in beautiful old Southern town Beaufort

The beauty of Vintage
42 photos
Old cars show in Hilton Head, SC. Vintage cars, car lovers,low country music, barbecue and the whole Southern touch, I'm loving it

Storm Stories
56 photos
Storms in South Carolina: Hilton Head Island, Fripp Island, Beaufort summer 2009+ New York October 2008

Old trees and homes with Spanish Moss
76 photos
Coastal South Carolina: old town Beaufort on May River, Hilton Head Island, Bluffton, Palmetto Bluff Inn, the beautiful old trees, indian shell rings, and old antebellum homes and mansions + Baynard...

City Lights,NYC
41 photos
Taxi cabs, buildings, skies, glass windows, street lights, autumn trees, and reflections

Urban Decay, New York
16 photos

Coney Island
35 photos

Views from the Train, N Train to Coney Island
5 photos

Steam Rising, New York
14 photos

Statues and People
8 photos
Metropolitan Museum in New York Paris Street Fair in La Muette, Pelouse d'Auteuil, Bois de Boulogne

La Solitude des Artistes de Rue
24 photos
Reportage réalisé à Londres en février 2009 au Leica pour illustrer la solitude des artistes de rue autour desquels la foule se rassemble, ou déambule, pour un trop bref moment...

Special Olympics Athletes: martial arts,...
36 photos
Reportage aux Jeux D'Ete de Special Olympics France en Juin 2009, portraits d'athlètespendant les épreuves de judo, piscine, basket, à Sophia Antipolis