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User / anurag agnihotri / baavla, the charmer
nandadevieast / 185 items
i met him in jaipur.
he is a snake charmer...in real life, and in reel life too.
he has played that role in many movies, the most notable of them being, 'dharmkanta', 'bantwara' and ajay devgan's 'itihaas'.
i told him i didn't notice him in any of these...
he suggested i should watch the movies carefully next time..."in dharmkanta, when the heroine is bitten by a deadly snake, dying in dharmendra's lap, i was the 'snake-charmer' who brought her back to life".
"baavla hai" (he's mentally unstable)...his neighbour and close friend told me...and the movies he's talking about are long gone..."now he has to take a capsule everyday".
i asked baavla to show me the medicine...but he LOL'd and said,
"they're all jealous of me".
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  • Taken: Sep 4, 2018
  • Uploaded: May 9, 2020
  • Updated: Oct 31, 2020