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“Try to forget what objects you have before you - a tree, a house, a field, or whatever. Merely think, 'Here is a little square of blue, here an oblong of pink, here a streak of yellow,' and paint it just as it looks to you, the exact color and shape, until it gives you your own impression of the scene before you.”

- Claude Monet

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A gift from a friend … the flowers, that is, and not the unexpected hitchhiker, but what a precious gift he is!! Just as well I love spiders!
; 0))) After taking his photo, I carefully captured him in my home-made spider catcher and set him down gently outdoors in my jungle where I hope he will be very happy.

Today marks the one year anniversary of Ciprian's passing. I have written so many poems over the years inspired by him. Here are three that I wrote recently. If any of you were fortunate to know him you will know that he was synonymous with yellow, the colour of sunshine, hope and happiness and more … Of course, I mourn the loss of him, but I also celebrate his life and the beautiful legacy he left behind.


A year ago you left the fields of yellow for pastures new
the footprints where you walked are still so vivid
with the glorious blazing trail you left behind
the imprint that you left upon the hearts of those who loved you
will never fade nor will the memories
like flourishing seeds you planted firmly in our minds
the golden daffodils once more in abundance in my gardens
adorn the lush green lawns like lemon jewels, the bitter-sweet arrays
survived the storms, the floods and some, the wooden bench that was blown over
not once, but twice, and now they stand erect once more and shine like sunrays
time flies by on wing's of butterflies and angels
I look for signs to lift my spirits and bring me joy
you sent to me the biggest Hunter Spider
to appear on yellow a message that will buoy
you were a kind soul, so gentle and softly spoken
a true poet whose words could reach the weariest of souls
you never told anyone how they should think or feel
you allowed their stories to simply and carefully unfold
you showed true love with selfless acts of kindness
though you were fading and wracked with so much pain
you spared us the suffering of knowing
a gentleman as gentle as the softly falling rain
I thought I could not stay here long without you
but seems this place is still a home for me
where I can visit and read your words of inspiration
your pictures so artistic; such visual poetry.

To a great friend, poet and the epitome of kindness.
One year on, still miss you but I know you are everywhere
In the rain, in the yellow <3
To Infinity and beyond … simply é ...


It is difficult to comprehend
a whole year slipped by
a year of not hearing your sweet words
and I am a year older but for you
time stood still
and you will be forever the age
when I last heard from you
a year without your inspiration
so much has happened
your story did not just end you know …
you are still in my thoughts
you are still in fields of yellow
and daffodils that raised their sleepy heads
the storms have blown in one after the other
they are still tormenting my gardens
last night a tree was bowed down to the earth
picked clean of berries by the birds
especially the noisy greedy magpies
they have set up home nearby
they visit my gardens daily with their raucous cries
the tree may not recover
it is bent like an ancient being
pressed down with it's burden
I could tie it back with strong rope and goodwill
but it will never be the same
it is forever altered by the storms
they take their toll
they feast on carrion and leave behind mass devastation
vegetation under water
the swans and duck and other water fowl
love to swim and dive for fish
in these fresh water fields made by the torrential rain
and through it all I think of you and one day hope
to see your smiling face again.


How are you today I asked the daffodils
I am sorry you were plucked from the earth
I will keep you steeped in water
and when you wither and fade
I will return you to whence you came
you were a gift from a well-intentioned friend
she meant well and thought you would cheer me up
I love your unopened buds and your bright trumpet crowns
sunshine in a vase on my bathroom windowsill
I fetched my camera to take a picture of you
I did not at first see the creature with his hirsuit legs of eight
sheltering from the storms outside
he must have entered via the plughole in the bath tub
the childhood rhyme plays on within my head
“eensy weensy spider … “ you know how it goes
except the spider that captured my imagination
was one of momentous proportions
a hunter from the great outside I call fondly my jungle gardens
where all manner of creatures scurry roundabout
seeking shelter from the heavy rains and strong winds
twice I rescued your naturalised cousins from the lawn
first from Storm Ciara and then from Storm Dennis
the old wooden bench that adorns the patio
twice it fell and crushed your cousins beneath it's wooden back
heavy as it was miraculous that they still breathed
they were fallen just as they had done in previous years
during heaving snowfall laying roundabout like fallen soldiers
but just as soon I saw their recovery like a miracle
and today they were standing up once more like sentinels
bravely they weathered the storms and won the battle
not a scratch on them unlike me
as I battle the scars I have sustained in recent weeks
they give me hope and so do you my indoor daffodils
shining like yellow trumpets bright as the sun that will one day come
when Spring is so near I breathe a sigh of sweet relief
today the blossom on the distant trees catches my eyes
it is like a cloud fell from the heavens to adorn the trees
and in the farther distance behind the big house
where the white butterflies reside behind tall panes of glass
the dark grey paints the sky and we prepare
to batten down the hatches once more
the roof tiles have been re-affixed bar one
the tallest part of the old Dutch roof is hard to reach
it needs two ladders and at least two strong and able men
one to hold the other steady lest he fall
maybe one fine and sunny day when the skies are clear and bright
that single tile that fell and smashed to smithereens
will be replaced; small miracle that the fallen daffodils
were not cut to ribbons by the sharp edges of those crocks
and blessed were we not to be passing by at that solemn moment
lest we be cut as well …
Wordsworth wrote about you; he understood
how wonderful you are and how you brought about this change in me as well
my friend was right; you do cheer me up and yet there is a poignancy
for I would rather see a flower in a field
than cut down in it's prime to fill a jar upon a mantel or a sill
yet still it has always been the way of man
to imprison the beauty of the world for their own purpose
I am the guardian of the earth and know that freedom
is more than just a word; it is a gift
and every living thing; a daffodil; a human
has the right to breathe fresh air and not be interfered with.

- AP - Copyright © remains with and is the intellectual property of the author

Copyright © protected image please do not reproduce without permission

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Needham, MA
I came across this just by chance on one of my most recent hikes. I thought that all of the old abandoned railway bridges had been demolished. It turns out that there are still a few around,.

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