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User / derultrazauberer / Beauty Portrait - Stephie
Florian Franke / 159 items
Long time between my last portrait session is gone. Today I had the opportunity to take some studio shots with my wife. :-) We had really fun and I can still handle photoshop. This was the second time I completely haven't use frequency seperation and I like the look a lot more. What do you think?

Strobist Info: One 80cm octagon softbox with one Yongnuo YN560III @ ~1/16th ... 1/32th power straight from camera top. Triggered via Yongnuo YN560TX. I used a silver reflector to light up the shadows. Just look into the eyes. ;-)
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  • Taken: Mar 1, 2015
  • Uploaded: Mar 1, 2015
  • Updated: Aug 8, 2015