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User / Silke Klimesch / Firewalking
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Size of the frame: 3,5 cm / 1,37 inches

The "Footwear" theme literally was like a walk over red-hot coals... err... soles. As usual I realised as early as Sunday afternoon that my original idea – which I'd imagined (and only imagined, never tried out) so beautifully throughout the week – wouldn't quite (=not at all) work out the way I had invisioned it. So what to do... I took numerous shots of numerous shoes, didn't like a single one, decided to skip yet again, and then, today, thought I'd give it one last, quick try. Which is what you see here: the flaming orange soles of my "Tretorn" rubber boots. Only ever once used outside in the rain. Why I've only ever used them once outside in the rain is a story I might tell you one day, but not today, because it's so late already.

This is my first MM contribution taken with the Ricoh GR III (with a 4+ close-up lens attached to the GR III via the special lens / filter adapter). I decided to use the Ricoh in order to free myself from the (self-imposed) restrictions of trying to get the "perfect" shot, something that I often (too often) experience when I use my Oly with the 60mm macro lens. I tried a "take it or leave it" / "sink or swim" approach by taking just a few quick, handheld images, picked the one I liked best (kind of logical), and did some quick processing, this time entirely with the tools the Nik Collection offers, because I'm checking out the latest version right now to see if it offers any substantial changes / innovations compared to the old Google version which I've used so far. So I did the sharpening in the "RAW Pre-sharpener", slightly tweaked the sliders in Viveza, then went into Analog Efex for a slightly matte vintage look with a strong vignette.

HMM, Everyone, and have a nice and safe week ahead!
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  • Taken: Sep 7, 2020
  • Uploaded: Sep 7, 2020
  • Updated: Sep 30, 2020