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Getty Images
21 photos
Invitations from Getty Images to license these photos for commercial use. I have stopped using them since.

192 photos
A bit embarassed to reveal there had been only a few pics! Not my best pics. However, they were the only ones admitted.

100,000+ Hits
1 photo

10,000+ Hits
171 photos

1,000+ Hits
4304 photos
Popular hits.

Bondi (NSW, Australia)
60 photos

Sydney Northern Beaches (NSW, Australia)
386 photos
Over 17 beaches along the north coast of Sydney, stretching from south to north: Cabbage Tree Bay (1 visit) Manly Beach (1 visit) Queenscliff Beach Freshwater Beach (1 visit) Curl...

Chippendale (NSW, Australia)
16 photos
A small inner-city suburb of Sydney on the southern edge of the central business district.

Balmain & Rozelle (NSW, Australia)
224 photos
Balmain and Rozelle, two adjacent suburbs

Redfern (NSW, Australia)
11 photos

Sydney Fish Market (NSW, Australia)
4 photos

Cabramatta (NSW, Australia)
17 photos
The Vietnamese suburb of Sydney

Blue Mountains (NSW, Australia)
8 photos
The Greater Blue Mountains Area was heritage listed from 2001. It consists of 1 million hectares of forested landscape 60 to 180 kilometres inland west of Sydney. Its most well known landmarks are...

Bowral (NSW, Australia)
11 photos
Bowral and Fitzroy Falls. Bowral is the commercial centre of the Southern Highlands, 90 minutes (or 126km) south-west of Sydney. In Sep 2007, we stayed overnight at Glendale Farmstay. Also visited...

Orange (NSW, Australia)
1 photo
The city of Orange is about a 3-hour drive west of Sydney.

Parkes (NSW, Australia)
12 photos
Parkes, the home of the Dish, is located 380km west of Sydney.

Canberra (Australia)
3 photos
Australian Capital Territory (ACT) - the nerve centre of Australian national government, is a three-hour drive south-west of Sydney. The Parliament House is the focal point of Canberra, built on the...

Melbourne (VIC, Australia)
24 photos
A 3-day, 4-night visit in Dec 2008.

Kangaroo Island (South Australia)
69 photos
Kangaroo Island is 1-3/4 hours drive plus a 3/4 hour ferry journey from Adelaide in South Australia. The island measures around 155km x 55km. Most of the roads except the major ones are corrugated...

Adelaide (South Australia)
25 photos
Adelaide - the city of churches. Did a half-day tour of the Adelaide city on 4 Dec 2007 en route from Kangaroo Island to Sydney. I was quite impressed by the abundance of quality heritage buildings...

Hamilton Island (Queensland)
52 photos

South Island (New Zealand) 2007
26 photos
Tour of the South Island of New Zealand from 9 Feb to 17 Feb 2007. One of the few relatively unpolluted countries in the world. Stunning ice blue fresh water lakes. Weather permitted, a glacier hike...

South Island (New Zealand) 2011
52 photos
1 May 2011 to 10 May 2011

Central Europe
36 photos
Did a whirlwind tour of central europe in July 2006. Cities visited include: Paris, Versailles, Lugarno, Lucern, Florence, Rome, Venice, Prague, Nuremberg.

Spain España
132 photos
16-day round trip, July to August 2011 (starting and ending in Madrid)

Moscow Москва
79 photos
Moscow August 2012

Golden Ring Золотое кольцо
41 photos
Vladimir, Suzdal, Rostov Velikiy, Sergiev Posad August 2012

St. Petersburg Санкт-Петербург
151 photos
August 2012

London, Cambridge
25 photos
London and Cambridge in July 2006.

London Pubs
11 photos
There are public houses everywhere in London, usually at least one every two or three blocks on the larger streets. I've captured a few of them here.

United States
82 photos
2009 Tour of United States of America (posting in progress) New York City (71 photos in 24 postings) San Francisco Yosemite National Park Las Vegas Valley of Fire State Park The Grand Canyon (coming...

68 photos
Photos taken during our visit to this beautiful country in Sep 2009. It was early autumn and we narrowly missed the spectacular autumn colours. Our journey was comprised of three sections: (1)...

51 photos
Cairo, Giza, Mount Sinai

45 photos
Petra and Madaba. 20-21 Nov 2010.

Israel ישראל
110 photos
22 to 28 Nov 2010 Nazareth Sea of Galilee Dead Sea Masada Jerusalem Tel Aviv

Dubai, UAE
19 photos
29-30 August 2012

454 photos
19 to 31 October 2014.

Hokkaido 北海道 (Japan)
38 photos
Did a 5-day tour of the southern part of Hokkaido in mid November 2007. Timing was a bit awkward as autumn leaves had long vanished while the snow season had hardly started. Nevertheless it was an...

Honshu 本州 (Japan)
57 photos
Honshu is the largest island in Japan. Cities visited include Hiroshima, Okayama, Kyoto, Osaka, Yokohama, Tokyo.

Shikoku 四国 (Japan)
16 photos
Shikoku is the smallest of Japan's main four islands. Literally Shikoku means four regions. In the feudal past, the island was divided into four regions. Cities visited: Tokushima, Kochi, Matsuyama.

Kyushu 九州 (Japan)
22 photos
Toured Kyushu in September 2008. Kyushu is the 3rd largest and southern most of the four major islands of Japan. Cities visited include Hakata, Nagasaki, Beppu, Kagoshima, Kokubu.

Seoul, South Korea
177 photos
16-18 Oct 2014

Hong Kong 香港 2007
49 photos
Hong Kong, the pearl of the orient. Still full of traditional Chinese customs and traditions despite British ruling over the years. Here with the help of a close friend in Hong Kong, I tried to...

Hong Kong 香港 2008
36 photos
Nov 2008 visit to Hong Kong.

Hong Kong 香港 2010
21 photos
A 9-day visit. Miserable weather from start to finish.

Hong Kong 香港 2010 (2)
36 photos
En route to the middle-east

Hong Kong 香港 2011
50 photos

Macau 澳門 2011
12 photos
A trip to Macau with my daughter's parents in-law.

Hong Kong 香港 2012
26 photos

Hong Kong 香港 2013
33 photos

Hong Kong 香港 2013 (2)
93 photos

Hong Kong 香港 2015
184 photos
7 March to 15 March 2015

Hong Kong 香港 2016
96 photos
3 Nov to 11 Nov 2016.

Hong Kong 香港 2017
93 photos
A whirlwind trip - 11 Oct 2017 to 17 Oct 2017

Hong Kong 香港 2018
178 photos
October, November

Sydney Opera House
43 photos

374 photos
Sydney's coast line is along the east hence there are more sunrise than sunset shots. I've also included a couple of sunrise (or more appropriately dawn) shots from the Hokkaido and Kangaroo Island...

38 photos
Small collection of sunset photos from Sydney, Bowral and Kangaroo Island.

Animals in the Wild
22 photos

Churches & Places of Worship
300 photos

95 photos
My obsessions with ceilings. Remember to look up.

16 photos
...and reverse vertigo. Determined to conquer my acrophobia. LOL!

44 photos
Scraping the skies.

Panoramic Shots
157 photos
These are panoramic and vertoramic shots stitched using the PTGui tool.

54 photos

HDR Shots
184 photos
Multi-shot HDRs merged in Photoshop. I didn't find the results that satisfactory probably due to the infancy of the technology.

Long Exposure Effects
104 photos
The capturing of a beautiful sense of soft fluid movement using a combination of the following techniques: . slow shutter speed . small aperture . low ISO . neutral density filters . tripod

Exotic & Vintage Cars
110 photos
Automobiles with four wheels.

25 photos

10 photos
My mild obsession with wheels.

9 photos

66 photos
Ocean Liners, ships, boats, ...

Railway Stations & Trains
47 photos
Self explanatory.

18 photos

31 photos
Dogs and puppies.

People and Faces
2862 photos
Mostly candid shots.

People in Uniforms
129 photos

Australian Politicians
8 photos

113 photos
Celebrities in Sydney.

Brides & Grooms
29 photos
Wedding couples, brides maids, flower grils ...

Celebrity Chefs
13 photos
Australian Celebrity Chefs

26 photos
Waiters and Waitresses

57 photos

Indigenous People
206 photos
Indigenous Australians and Kiwis

17 photos
Priests, monks, rabbis, nuns, ...

Bearded Men
227 photos
I have excluded one or two day growths.

People in Hats
681 photos
Baseball caps, beanies, helmets and turbans included.

55 photos
People taking selfies.

187 photos
First grandson

62 photos
Second grandson

Black Desire
79 photos

17 photos
Photographing photographs

255 photos

Sculptures & Statues
130 photos
Sculptures, Statues, and other Art Products

Wax Dummies
43 photos

10 photos

83 photos
Wall art (including tasteful graffiti art)

Signs, Logos & Posters
286 photos

Mobile Advertisements
41 photos

68 photos

Magazine and Book Covers
88 photos

20 photos

Record Album Covers
11 photos
... and their records

Musical Instruments
46 photos

La Calavera Catrina
13 photos
Day of the Dead

10 photos

Marilyn Monroe
9 photos

Dame Edna Everage
6 photos
Alter ego of Barry Humphries

16 photos

4 photos

Autumn Leaves
32 photos
The colours of autumn (fall).

National Parks
71 photos
Interesting rock formations found in national parks.

19 photos

32 photos
Mainly rock fishing.

55 photos
Surfing at Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Just for a Laugh
23 photos
Where do we draw the line?

Black and White (Duotone)
147 photos
Black and white images; desaturated images; duotone images.

Apple Store
7 photos

McDonald's Restaurant
25 photos

Cafes, Restaurants & Pubs
216 photos
... including bars and pubs

Barber Shops
52 photos
Hair Saloons, barbers, hair stylists.

5 photos
Bathrooms, washrooms, toilets, WC's, loos, ladies, gents, ...

Hospital Ward
14 photos
Lonely days inside hospitat ward.

Frank Gehry
8 photos

The Droste Effect
2 photos
The effect of a picture recursively appearing within itself.

25 photos

Star Wars Characters
27 photos

Captain America, Marvel Comics
22 photos

Deadpool, Marvel Comics
13 photos

Iron Man, Marvel Comics
11 photos

Spiderman, Marvel Comics
9 photos

Thor, Marvel Comics
11 photos

Batman, DC Comics
25 photos

Catwoman, DC Comics
6 photos

Flash, DC Comics
4 photos

Harley Quinn, DC Comics
75 photos

Joker, DC Comics
32 photos

Poison Ivy, DC Comics
32 photos

Riddler, DC Comics
9 photos

Superman, DC Comics
12 photos

Wonder Woman, DC Comics
15 photos

Head On Photo Festival
8 photos

Hat Day, 2011 & 2012
10 photos
Hat Day is Australian Rotary Health’s community action and awareness day.

Dawn Chorus, Sydney 2009
19 photos
Inspirational and uplifting choral music from over 100 in voices of Sydney Philharmonia Choirs at dawn in (1) Nielsen Park, Vaucluse - 17 Jan 2009 (2) Clifton Gardens, Mosman - 24 Jan 2009 (3) Bondi...

Mardi Gras, Sydney 2009
26 photos
7 Mar 2009. Hyde Park prelude to the 31st Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade.

Easter Show, Sydney 2009
20 photos
18 Apr 2009. The 2009 Sydney Royal Easter Show at Sydney Olympic Park.

New Year Fireworks, Sydney
21 photos
New Year's Eve foreworks. Sydney Harbour 2008, 2009, 2010

Elvis Festival, Parkes 2010
10 photos
A five-day annual event that took place in Parkes, New South Wales, Australia on 6-10 January 2010. 8 January 2010 was his 75th birthday. 61 photos in 10 postings.

Australia Day 2010
12 photos
Tuesday, 26th January 2010 in Sydney.

Mardi Gras, Sydney 2010
17 photos
32nd Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. 27 Feb 2010

17th Biennale of Sydney 2010
10 photos
An art festival that takes place every two years in Sydney. Venues for this year's art displays are: - Cockatoo Island - Pier 2/3 - Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) - Sydney Opera House - Royal...

Vivid Sydney, 2009 & 2010
5 photos
An annual festival of light, music and ideas.

Topless Runway 2010
16 photos
Organised by Voodoo Legwear

Art and About Sydney, 2010
6 photos
23 September to 24 october 2010. The 9th year of Art and About Sydney. - Sydney Statues Project - Laneway Art

Mardi Gras, Sydney 2011
44 photos
33rd Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. 5 Mar 2011

Elvis Festival, 2012
9 photos
20th Anniversary of Parkes Elvis Festival. Photos were taken an hour before the Elvis Express leaves Central Station, Sydney for Parkes.

Mardi Gras, Sydney 2012
70 photos
34th Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. 3 Mar 2012

Tattoo & Body Art Expo, Sydney 2012
54 photos
Sydney Olympic Park 9-11 March 2012

18th Biennale of Sydney 2012
13 photos
An art festival that takes place every two years in Sydney. Venues for this year's art displays include: - Cockatoo Island - Museum of Contemporary Art (MCA) - Art Gallery of NSW Biennale is...

One Direction 1D
15 photos
British boy band One Direction (1D) visit to Sydney.

Deepavali 2012
11 photos
31 Oct 2012 @ Martin Place

Elvis Festival, 2013
10 photos
21st Anniversary of Parkes Elvis Festival. Photos were taken an hour or so before the Elvis Express leaves Central Station, Sydney for Parkes.

Mardi Gras, Sydney 2013
60 photos
35th Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras Parade. 2 Mar 2013

Tattoo & Body Art Expo, Sydney 2013
44 photos
Moore Park 8-10 March 2013

St. Patrick's Day, Sydney 2013
13 photos
Pre-parade images taken around Town Hall.

NAIDOC, Sydney 2013
23 photos
NAIDOC (National Aboriginal and Islander Day Observance Committee) festival at Hyde Park.

Bleu Blanc Rouge 2013
11 photos
French National Day, 14 July 2013

Manchester United Visit, Sydney 2013
15 photos
2013-2014 pre-season tour of Sydney - 14 July to 21 July.

Fifties Fair 2013
63 photos
18th Fifties Fair at Ross Seidler House, Wahroonga

RITMO Brazilian Day Festival, 2013
23 photos
14th RITMO Brazilian Day Festival. 15 Sep 2013, Tumbalong Park, Darling Harbour

Art and About Sydney, 2013
3 photos
20 September to 20 October 2013. The 12th year of Art & About Sydney.

International Fleet Review 2013
9 photos
Celebrating the centenary of the Royal Australian Navy's fleet arrival in Sydney Harbour on 4 October 1913.

Fiesta Festival, 2013
30 photos
Latin American music, dance, food and culture. Harbourside Darling Harbour 12-13 October 2013.

Kino Halloween Fest 2013
32 photos
Kinokuniya Bookstore, 26 Oct 2013 - Live Zombie Transformation - Freaky Face Painting - Cosplay Competition

Zombie Walk, 2013
78 photos
5th Zombie Walk. Archibald Fountain, Hyde Park. Public event to raise awareness for the Brain Foundation.

Elvis Festival, 2014
38 photos
22nd Anniversary of Parkes Elvis Festival. Photos were taken an hour or so before the Elvis Express leaves Central Station, Sydney for Parkes. This year's theme is Kissin' Cousins.

Mardi Gras, Sydney 2014
119 photos
Prelude to the 36th Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade.

Tattoo & Body Art Expo, Sydney 2014
109 photos
6th expo in Sydney. Moore Park 7-9 March 2014

Supanova, Sydney 2014
127 photos
Supanova Pop Culture Expo - 13 to 15 Jun 2014

Michael Jackson Dance Spectacular, Sydney 2014
9 photos
Jason Jackson performing at Castle Hill RSL Club on 27 June 2014 to commemorate the 5th anniversary of the departure of Michael Jackson.

NAIDOC, Sydney 2014
32 photos
Hyde Park, Sydney, 7 Jul 2014

Archibald Prize, Sydney 2014
29 photos
The Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes. 25 July 2014, Art Gallery of New South Wales

SMASH!, Sydney 2014
71 photos
Smash! Sydney Manga and Anime Show, 9 August 2014.

Fifties Fair 2014
152 photos
19th Fifties Fair at Ross Seidler House, Wahroonga 24 August 2014

Festival of the Winds, Sydney 2014
15 photos
Sunday 14 Sep 2014, kite flying festival at Bondi Beach.

Art & About Sydney, 2014
9 photos
19 September to 12 october 2014. The 13th year of Art and About Sydney.

Diwali 2014
27 photos
(Festival of Lights), 12 Oct 2014, Cherrybrook Sports Ground

Elvis Festival, 2015
55 photos
23nd Anniversary of Parkes Elvis Festival. Photos were taken an hour or so before the Elvis Express leaves Central Station, Sydney for Parkes. This year's theme is Roustabout.

Supanova, Sydney 2015
112 photos
Supanova Pop Culture Expo - 19 to 21 June 2015

NAIDOC, Sydney 2015
33 photos
NAIDOC in the City Hyde Park, 6 July 2015

Archibald Prize, Sydney 2015
45 photos
The Archibald, Wynne and Sulman Prizes. 25 July 2015, Art Gallery of New South Wales

SMASH!, Sydney 2015
95 photos
SMASH! is a 2-day Japanese pop-culture convention that is devoted to artists, creators and fans alike.

Zombie Walk, 2015
123 photos
Sydney Zombie Walk is a public event to raise awareness of Australia's Brain Foundation, a charity dedicated to funding research into finding cures for a range of brain disorders.

Elvis Festival, 2016
45 photos
Pre-departure entertainment before boarding the Elvis Express bound for Parkes

Mardi Gras, Sydney 2016
128 photos
Prelude to the 36th Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade

Tattoo & Body Art Expo, Sydney 2016
75 photos
aka Australian International Tattoo Expo 8th expo in Sydney

Korean Festival, Sydney 2016
10 photos
2 April 2016 @ Darling Harbour

Supanova, Sydney 2016
105 photos
Supanova Pop Culture Expo - 17 to 19 June 2016

Bleu Blanc Rouge 2016
13 photos
Customs Square, 14 - 17 July 2016

Archibald Prize, Sydney 2016
20 photos

SMASH!, Sydney 2016
47 photos
SMASH! is a 2-day Japanese pop-culture convention that is devoted to artists, creators and fans alike. 20-21 August 2016.

Fifties Fair 2016
61 photos
21st Fifties Fair at Ross Seidler House, Wahroonga

Oz Comic-Con, Sydney 2016
78 photos
Comic Convention, 9-10 Sep 2016

Rites of Passage, Sydney 2016
73 photos
15 October 2016

Elvis Festival, 2017
50 photos
Pre-departure entertainment before boarding the Elvis Express bound for Parkes

Australia Day 2017
7 photos
Thursday, 26 Jan 2017

Mardi Gras, Sydney 2017
86 photos

Tattoo Expo, Sydney 2017
45 photos
Sunday, 12 March 2017

Sikh Heritage Day, Sydney 2017
37 photos
Sunday, 2 April 2017

Supanova, Sydney 2017
96 photos
Supanova Pop Culture Expo - 16 to 18 June 2017

NAIDOC, Sydney 2017
46 photos
NAIDOC in the City, Hyde Park

Bastille Festival Sydney 2017
16 photos
13 July to 16 July 2017, Circular Quay. Formerly known as Bleu Blanc Rouge Festival.

Archibald Prize, Sydney 2017
33 photos
Archibald (for portrait painting), Wynne Prize (for landscape painting or figurative sculpture) and Sulman Prize (for subject, genre or mural painting)

SMASH!, Sydney 2017
45 photos
SMASH! is a 2-day Japanese pop-culture convention that is devoted to artists, creators and fans alike. 19-20 August 2017.

9 photos
Dancing on the vertical glass façade of the ANZ Bank Building, Martin Place. 19 August 2017.

Oz Comic-Con, Sydney 2017
60 photos
30 Sep 2017 at International Convention Centre, Darling Harbour

Zombie Walk, 2017
69 photos
9th Sydney Zombie Walk, Prince Alfred Park, 4 Nov 2017

Dance Rites, 2017
60 photos
Dance Rites is Australia’s national Indigenous dance competition. It is held each year on the forecourt of the Sydney Opera House.

Sydney Hobart Yacht Race 2017
14 photos
Boxing Day, 26 December 2017

Elvis Festival, 2018
48 photos
Pre-departure entertainment before boarding the Elvis Express and/or Blue Suede Express bound for Parkes

Jurassic Plastic, 2018
10 photos
Installations by Japanese artist Hiroshi Fuji

Mardi Gras, Sydney 2018
90 photos
Prelude to the 40th Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade

21st Biennale of Sydney 2018
7 photos
An art festival that takes place every two years in Sydney. Biennale is Italian for every other year.

Supanova, Sydney 2018
71 photos

Winterfest Sydney Medieval Fair, 2018
37 photos
Clarendon, 7 Jul 2018

NAIDOC, Sydney 2018
26 photos
NAIDOC in the City, Hyde Park, 14 July 2018

Archibald Prize, Sydney 2018
32 photos
Archibald Prize - for portrait painting, Wynne Prize - for landscape painting, Sulman Prize - for subject, genre or mural painting.

Elvis Festival, 2019
33 photos

Mardi Gras, Sydney 2019
41 photos
Prelude to the 41st Sydney Gay and Lesbian Mardi Gras parade.

Cirque Stratosphere, 2020
12 photos
Concert Hall, Sydney Opera House

Mardi Gras, Sydney 2020
144 photos