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Pobeda TTK-1

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Brand : Pobeda (Victory)
1st State Precision Jewel Cutting Factory (ТТК-1)
Year: T3 1954
Caliber: 2602 41M 32yH 15 jewels

TTK-1... Five magic letters for a Soviet watches collector. Engraved on movement, marked on dial under index 6.
The story of brand Pobeda is explained here : en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pobeda_%28watch%29
But, There is a small inaccuracy in the list of plants that produced Pobeda watches. The first name of Petrodvorets Watch Factory (near Leningrad) was "Первый Государственный завод точных технических камней" 1st State Precision Jewel Cutting Factory (ТТК-1).
During 1954 (1955 ?), the brand TTK-1 stopped being used by the factory, when the "automated assembling conveyor" was completely in production. Before, a TTK-1 was assembled from A to Z by a single worker, as explained in this Raketa video : www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=_Goy2...

The story of Pobeda TTK-1 goes on (Raketa new collection) : www.raketa.com/chasyi-pobeda-novaya-kollektsiya/
A big thanks to my compatriot Jacques von Polier

Sony Alpha A7
Soviet Zenitar 50mm F/1.7 (Ultron optic formula)
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