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User / fcafca / Полет (Poljot "Flight") De Luxe automatic 29 jewels. Gold plated. USSR 1960'
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Made in 1MWF (First Moscow Watch Factory - Первый Государственный Часовой Завод - 1ГЧЗ)
Gold plated case (35mm diam.). Guilloche square pattern on dial.
Automatic caliber 2415 "orbita" 29 jewels. The smallest and thinest Soviet automatic caliber ever produced (1962 - 1970?)
Dm= 24.0mm, Do= 24.6mm rotor revolution circle D= 28.05mm) H= 3.9mm F= 0.75mm T= 1.35mm 29 jewels f = 18000 A/h power reserve 36h

"...The self-winding gear is integrated in the movement, instead of attaching it to a manual-wind calibre as usual. Together with other design details, this led to a sensationally thin but still rugged movement at that time. Only contemporary movements with micro rotor (e.g. Buren) were thinner..."

Interesting debate on Watchuseek about Soviet automatic movements 24xx / 26xx :

Other automatic 2415 models (Sergei Antonov catalogs website) :

My collection : www.flickr.com/photos/73820317@N05/sets/72157646830591156/

Sony Alpha A7
M42 Soviet macro lens MC Volna-9 50mm f/2.8

Reference : allphotolenses.com/lenses/item/c_273.html
Reference (french) : www.picturz.fr/fr/post/15.volna-9-mc
Presentation / Aperture preset system : www.youtube.com/watch?v=0uurArGAZRA
Flickr group : www.fluidr.com/groups/volna-9_macro_lens/interesting
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