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User / Surfchild. / Beyond the Horizon (26/365 2013)
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January 26th. While there is more snow up north, we have a beautiful sunny day. It is the holy Trinity day for mothers - a non work day, with sunshine and wind. Yes, I can hang my washing on the line to dry!! With 4 sporty children, believe me this helps my Aegean Stable task no end. However, you have no desire to see our smalls ( great word), I'm sure. I took the dog out and surprised these birds in a field; as they rose up, I whirled round and snapped a load of shots. Straight into the sun, so I have had to process this a little. I have also submitted this to the new Flickr Friday group for "Beyond the Horizon". It seemed apt.
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  • Taken: Jan 26, 2013
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