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We're Here are visiting Newspapers which also fits happily with the 365 Weekly theme of the written word.

As some of you may have worked out, I have had some minor surgery which, after the 5 day Reading experience, has wiped me sideways, more than anticipated!

This pic also shows a little how I have been feeling this summer, both with the chaos at work and home with teens and ageing parents, as well as the political turmoil that surrounds us. The world seems to have become such a busy, unfriendly and shouty place. Thank goodness for Flickr which feels like a haven of sanity, respect and kindness for which I thank you all (even if have been ignoring you!).

I woke this morning for the first time with slightly more spring in my step and enthusiasm to get on with things. Hurrah!

I am going to try and do a still life a day for September to catch up on my 100 and if I can tie it into the 119 challenge or to WAH even better!

So for my Still Life project (47/100)
and also for the 119 challenge - 25/119 - (newspaper) columns

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