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20 Fenchurch Street is the address of the Sky Garden. This is the view from the bottom (among others that I may also include in the series), it is a very striking building.

I have been deliberating further about my 100x. It would be very easy for me to convert a back up shot to mono, but I actually want to challenge myself with the 100x. and purposely take mono shots.

I very much admire the pictures of my Flickr mates who post amazing city shots often in mono (you know who you are) and I think therefore that my 100 is going to be 'mono urbanity'. Difficult because I live in the middle of the country so It will force me to take my camera into towns and cities (although to be fair -this was a phone shot taken in the queue!!!)
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  • Taken: Jan 5, 2018
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  • Updated: Dec 4, 2019