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User / Surfchild. / F is for (identified) flying object
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It was a funny old day in the village, the day the strange circular thing landed. The clones got very excited but it turned out to be unmanned.

For the theme 'cloning' (We're Here) and F for the FAF group
Not put into my 100x collection because I want to have another go at this. Preferably when it's not soaking wet outside and when I only have 5 minutes before it rains again. And before it gets dark. And when I have a tripod.

So I used a new app for this (downloaded today) called 'cut me in'. Works ok, but I think I need to practice more in remembering which way round to layer (back to front obviously!)
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  • Taken: Feb 6, 2014
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  • Updated: Dec 3, 2016