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I headed out to my favorite spot for Pygmy Owls yesterday. The weather was bright overcast with some drizzle. ( my favorite conditions ). I was photographing this individual for awhile. He was on a higher perch at one time and I sat and waited. All of a sudden he drops down behind this pile of branches where I lost him. I waited and wanted to find him, but I knew I'd probably startle him if I tried. About 30 seconds later he pops up with this vole. I couldn't believe my eyes. I made my way close by navigating through the cluttered forest floor. He sat here for a whopping 7 minutes. Eventually he flew up high where I couldn't get to eating his prize. Never thought I'd get a close shot and clear one like this. A nice start to 2021!!
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  • Taken: Jan 9, 2021
  • Uploaded: Jan 11, 2021
  • Updated: Feb 23, 2021