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User / thegreatscaper / A freighter docked at Victoria
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A freighter was towed into the port at Victoria, B.C. Canada to get repairs done on it's rotor. It was fenced off so I couldn't get a great photo of it. :D

On a side note, I fell down my stairs on Saturday, did a complete 360 degree somersault and landed extremely difficult with my leg bent under my body. It was such a shock to my system as I was in so much pain and thought I might have broken some bones but thankfully to God's protection I only injured my left big toe. It's been incredibly sore and I'm icing it as I write this. It's a little swollen and purple but the pain is definitely better today. I've been sending my employees out while taking it easy and resting it. Such a scary fall. :-(
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  • Taken: Jan 8, 2023
  • Uploaded: Jan 31, 2023
  • Updated: Feb 13, 2023