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57 items

The Raven
5 photos
a halloween outdoor shoot with daughter-in-law who designed the headpiece ...commissioned the wings and got the dress on Etsy

9 photos
fairies and make-believe...dress-up ...pretend..all in the mind of a child..

Chihuli At The Biltmore gardens
2 photos

Meyer optics Goerlitz trioplan 100mm 2.8
1 photo
dreamy images with this new age Trioplan 100mm 2.8 a remake for our times from the original

135 photos
Many thanks flickr and friends for all of your support your visits and commentaries and sharing your views of the world with me!

Mermaid Queen
5 photos
A shoot with a beautiful model ...MERMAID model...

Island Shoot South Carolina
3 photos
an autumn day with my daughter and her best friend Polish- Lithuanian goddess 6ft 2 inch Amelia...

Germany "Bavaria"
58 photos
visits of home...

Jamies Harley...
5 photos
a late afternoon photo shoot with a young lady and her Harley Davidson motorcycle..ruffles leather tattoos and lace..

IsaBella Weisenbacher Davis
291 photos
Here in this stream you will find quite a diversified collection from the past years ...people... places...handcrafted glass jewelry art..one of a kind cakes...food delights...paintings...precious...

1 photo
Uploaded from Mac "Pictures" on isabella’s iMac

High Key-Arianna
6 photos
a photo shoot with the oldest granddaughter trying my hand at High Key imaging...wonderful fun

El Galeon-Andalusia
7 photos
a recent visit to the savannah harbor and the Eastern Coastline a Galeon Tall-ship--

Edisto Island South Carolina
22 photos
our holiday this year just hours away from the hustle and bustle...

Botany Bay
11 photos
pristine and unspoiled barrier island off of the South Carolina Coast located off Edisto Island

nouveau garden..
8 photos
autumn in the garden with my grand daughter Koren,fabulous day fabulous shoot

Mesa Verde and Colorado
19 photos
Cliff dwellings and landscapes

Cumberland Island...
8 photos
the remains of a ship long since forgotten..

Drayton Hall Charleston S.C
12 photos
A lovely Plantation homes dating back generations...located in Charleston South Carolina

Girl in the Autumn Garden
11 photos
This weekend one of my grand daughters came to stay.We did a photo-shoot to try and capture the beauty of the Autumn Garden.Dressed in flowing antique clothing and her hair fixed as if in a John...

Ft Pulaski-Savannah Georgia
12 photos

The Tall Ships Challenge
29 photos
14 tall ships that are sailing from the Savannah Harbor along the East Coast May 4-7 2012 ending in Nova Scotia! The Bounty and the Blue Hour..

Pojo Point Collection!
11 photos
located on one of the islands on the Savannah coast, this wonderful place excels with charm and imagination,created by its owners...

phone downloads
10 photos
a clients weekend joy!

28 photos

Savannah Squares-Madison
11 photos

North Georgia Mountains
18 photos
Sky Lake

Angel Oak-Johns Island South Carolina
5 photos

Old Sheldon Church Ruins
13 photos

Savannah Georgia
162 photos
Savannah architecture and a welcoming entrance

Southern Places
43 photos
Sheldon South Carolina

82 photos
all over and everywhere

256 photos
Glorious Dahlia

foods-beautiful-edible creations
41 photos
I look at food as being just as beautiful to the eye as to the palette,they walk hand in hand...

Art Glass Jewelry
23 photos
torch made glass beads with 24 Kt

glass art
10 photos
One of a kind original stained glass called Believe..

My art-watercolors, photography glass jewelry, etc
42 photos
creative photography mixed with drawings -glass- jewelry

Handcrafted Art Jewelry
24 photos
enameled glass art..

Black and White
52 photos

In Waiting....
33 photos
my youngest daughter with child

Botanical Gardens of the South
61 photos
Eisenhower Gardens Savannah Georgia

beaches and islands
79 photos
Tybee island

weddings and showers
41 photos
a great niece

Babies and Children
132 photos

65 photos

74 photos
a guest in my garden...

98 photos
my little garden friends,always ready to pose

Savannah Wild life Refuge
120 photos
golden glow of the sun going down on a winters day in the refuge...

Famous Faces
57 photos
Taylor Swift

116 photos
son and the musician of my children here in a oil achieved distressed look...

Salzburg Austria
39 photos, 1 video
myself reflected in a kiosk window in Austria..

29 photos
Edisto Island South Carolina

Rock Gardens
15 photos
Rosenheim Germany

Musical Strings
9 photos
son Gavin as a young violin student at Georgia Southern and. as an adult playing guitar and drums..

14 photos

thoughts and expressions..
11 photos

The Painter
3 photos
a week spent with one of the granddaughters Koren and doing what we love...