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the last day of our visit to Salzburg Austria we were delighted to hear all the bells ringing in unison...amazing memories of my childhood revisited...most of Europe still lives in this era...I always knew no mater where I was what time it was...while we were in the Bavarian village last year for my nieces weddings the bells rang early morning announcing the death of a local villager...a woman.I was told by the number of rings and their tune all of the different meanings...still a beacon through out the land announcing dangers,births,deaths.weddings ...no i-phones back then LOL...this was taken from the window of the catacombs looking down on the cemetery below...Spring blessing wished for all...this is also the cemetery that was in the movie THE SOUND OF MUSIC...an incredible location!

Tags:   historic-churches-towers-bells-ringing-Salzburg-Austria-cemetary-catacombs-holy-ancient-song