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Recently I was blessed with a few days off to go and visit my newest grandchild and daughter in Charleston,the trip there is always a treasure due to the South Carolina scenic route that I always choose to explore.This was my most recent visit....

Tomotley Plantations dates all the way back to 1698.Located in Sheldon S.C in Prince William Parrish.
The original owner was Edmund Bellinger who died in 1706.His grandson also named Edmund ,
inherited the plantation and dies in 1739.
The property is then divided between 14 different family members and their heirs.
In 1860 the current owner Patience Wise Blackett Iznard plants the awesome entrance of Oaks you see here in this image.
The original plantation house is burned by Sherman's troops in 1865.
A new home built by RH.McCurdy in 1910 and
is the existing home seen today on the property and is privately owned.

Previous owners were:
Bellinger-De Veaux-Iznard-Eustis-Bull -Pringle-Hutson-Martin-Havanmeyer-McCurdy-Pringle-and present owners Billy and Barbera Mixon in 1990.

In 1864 the plantation had 1400 acres roughly 138 slaves to help with growing crops of rice and cotton.
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