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High above the village of Werfen, amid the magnificent mountainous world of the Tennengebirge mountain range is the entrance to the world’s biggest explored labyrinth of ice caves. Roughly 44 kilometers.....Located just outside of Salzburg Austria
...we were up there with the birds soaring in the skies...

A 25 minute trek UP a trail and then a five-minute lift taking us up saving us 90 minutes by foot... and another trail 25 more minutes UP...not for the faint hearted ...us coming from just seven feet above sea level we took quite a few rest stopes in that altitude ...once inside with 1 KM accessible only with a tour guide...temperature inside 0 degrees...we started the 700 Hundred steps UP with my husband being the leader of the trek and holding the first lantern in the line of about thirty people ...a total time inside the cave was about 90 minutes.. back down the stairs and on to the trail...plan on allowing for most of the day...the view is SPECTACULAR!!! Every vista a treasure for the eyes!!

Don't miss the castle called Howenwerfen (literal translation "High Throw")that can be seen as you look down from the ice cave trail..also perched on its own hill...we saw the castle for miles driving through the landscape before we reached the ice cave to purchase our tickets...the ride up the winding mountain road is as wonderful as well...a MUST see if you are ever that way...an I-phone image as I had my camera stuffed inside my jacket awaiting the COLD blast of air of the cave...oh and NO PICTURES ALLOWED INSIDE...sad
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  • Taken: May 22, 2016
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  • Updated: Jan 19, 2020