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Sun Pictures of New South Wales - Part 2 by John...
31 photos
John Paine was a prominent commercial photographer in NSW in the period 1870 to circa 1901. Born in England in 1833, he emigrated to NSW in circa 1869 and set up a studio in Tamworth. After briefly...

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Pienza is a Mediaeval village in Tuscany, Italy. A special place to stay for a while, and special people.

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13 photos
If you go Tuscany for any length of time, a day or stay in Siena is a must.

Luna Park
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New Zealand
13 photos
Exploring the South Island in April 2019

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Photographs featured in Explore.

1,000+ Favourites
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All my Flickr images that have been favourited 1000 or more times.

500+ Favourites
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All my Flickr images that have been favourited between 500 and 1000 times.

250+ Favourites
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All my Flickr images that have been favourited between 250 and 500 times.

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All my Flickr images that have been favourited between 100 and 250 times.

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Blue Mountains
353 photos
The Blue Mountains of NSW, encompassing the Blue Mountains National Park and environs, is a favourite haunt to shoot and wash away the stress of city living and working.

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I use a Canon EOS 5D Mark II that was converted to shoot IR. The filter I chose to be placed inside the camera was a deep B&W filter equivalent to 830nm. Prior to the 5D2 I used a 10D converted...

Light, Shadow, Movement
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After The Fire
12 photos
Whilst returning from my nephew's 21st, we drove through the area north of Sydney near Catherine Hill Bay that had been devastated by bushfire two months prior, in early October 2013. It presented a...

The Boneyard
17 photos
The Boneyard is an abandoned basalt quarry on the Bombo Headland, just north of Kiama, NSW. Apart from the vastness of the area, the appealing aspect of the quarry for photographers is that the...

Balaka Falls
10 photos
Balaka Falls lie deep within suburban Sydney, in North Rocks. Apart from being not well known, until recently (they adorn the month of November 2013 in the Baulkham Hills Shire Council calendar),...

Crescent Head
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Dorrigo and Beyond
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Nature's Models
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Mark is one of my best friends. A few days after he was best man at my wedding, he and his wife took off to Central Australia for a 3 week road trip. Just after they got back, I took advantage of the...