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Eclectic 24
24 photos
eclectic(adj) selecting what seems best of various styles or ideas. A self curated life in the street photos from a diverse range of cities!

Late Night Jazz
7 photos
Curated bold monochrome outdoor shots of a late night quartet on a First Thursday night in the harbor area of Los Angeles, by Photo Laureate Joey Zanotti

Taking In LA, 2016
423 photos
A comprehensive look at the "true" Los Angeles, from the Fusion Food Trucks, community events, urban art to the unrecognized side streets. This Is Los Angeles!

Urban Art L.A. Volume 3
182 photos
Volume Three is a curated review of the ever expanding styles and work of individual street artist, duo or joint effort pieces to full crews of urban artist. Many striving to make a statement and or...

Bad Dog by Richard Jackson
5 photos
A 28 foot sculpture of a Labrador with a mechanized yellow paint sprayer is Richard Jackson's latest large sculpture, as seen at the Orange County Museum of art. Jackson is a Los Angeles based...

Dia De Los Muertos - Los Angeles 2015
46 photos
A survey from several areas within Los Angeles of the Dia de los Muertos, "Day of the Dead Celebration" . Where family members and friends remember those that have passed away , some...

Cathe on Melrose Ave
7 photos
Melrose Ave. a funky street filled with unique chops and dining spots, situated between Santa Monica Blvd. and Beverly. The hippest area is between Fairfax and Highland, which became popular in the...

The Con !
3 photos
The typical con as many have experienced in parking lots, this instance the son is asking everyone in sight for $40.00 for a place to sleep and his first meal since a week! If someone does give a...

Selection of Atmospheric Scenes
44 photos
A selection of sunrises, skyscapes and sunsets during different seasons .

Slice of Los Angeles 2015
447 photos
A mix of scenes of the City of Angels.

Social Commentary - Port of Los Angeles
5 photos

Urban Art LA - Volume 2
196 photos
Various forms of urban "in the street" art that is found all through out the City of Angels.

Saturday Afternoon Car Wash
4 photos
Being bored on a Saturday afternoon with my trusty Pentax, I shot the ride through the wash,enjoy.!

Dia De Los Muertos in Los Angeles
148 photos
Dia De Los Muertos as seen in three celebrations throughout the Los Angeles area. Hollywood Forever Cemetary, San Pedro area of Los Angeles celebrates Day Of The Dead on FIrst Thursday. And Dia De...

Street Art of Barcelona
103 photos
A magical tour of the current urban street art of Barcelona,photographed in August 2012

62 photos
Photo-journalistic view of the Dutch City - Amsterdam

Parisian Winter - Paris Hiver
27 photos
Photographic journey through the city of lights, during an exceptional cold late winter / early spring with snow. Shot entirely with film using a Pentax Me camera mostly using Kodachrome 64 asa.

Weymouth Corners, San Pedro, CA
11 photos
On this small one way street that represents "Anytown USA" from the sixties, one will find retail stores with the same small community service and feel. Almost every storefront is neon lit...

American Hotel, L.A. Art's District
120 photos
Seventeen years of documentation of "the" Arts District of and about the American Hotel, from almost destitute to now Hipster haven!

5th. Avenue Theatre Suite
10 photos
5th Avenue a cinema treasure, built in 1939 in the stream line modern style designed by Clifford A Balch. Theatre is located at 2541 W. Manchester blvd, Inglewood CA.

Mariachi's & Taco Trucks
147 photos
Los Angeles Hispanic culture of Mariachi's along with independant "taco trucks" within Los Angeles's Mexican communities.

Los Angeles Graffiti
191 photos
Brief survey of graffiti & urban art from 2010 - 2013

Big Slice of L.A., by Joey Zanotti
676 photos
In essence a grouping of the people , places and events throughout the City of Angels! From 2010 to 2014

Sketch Book of Habana, Cuba, Joey Zanotti
125 photos
Investigating the people within and places of Havana Cuba

Portraits L.A. Series, by Joey Zanotti
101 photos
A chapter from the L.A. City Series, true people of the City.

Venice, Italy
35 photos
Side Streets of Venice, Italy

Puerto Nuevo, Baha California
8 photos
Sepia brings out the essence of these timeless curio shops, south of Tijuana, Baha California. In and around Puerto Nuevo, aka "Lobster Village". Joey Z