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Mary Keim / 88 items

Molluscs and other non-Arthropod invertebrates
12 photos

Spiders (Arachnida) and other non-insect...
130 photos

Odonata - Dragonflies and Damselflies
417 photos

Lepidoptera - Butterflies and Moths
998 photos

Insects (other than Odonata and Lepidoptera)
902 photos
Insects pollinate plants, disperse seeds, control populations of other organisms and make up at least ninety percent of animal species. A conservation organization that specifically protects...

1788 photos

Vertebrates (other than birds)
397 photos

Non-flowering Plants and Fungi
288 photos

Arecaceae (Palm Family)
29 photos

Cyperaceae (Sedge Family) and Juncaceae (Rush...
64 photos

Orchidaceae (Orchid Family)
85 photos

Poaceae (Grass Family)
99 photos

Monocots - Other than families in separate albums
301 photos

Acanthaceae - Acanthus Family
32 photos

Annonaceae - Pawpaw Family
33 photos

Apiaceae - Carrot Family
77 photos

Apocynaceae - Milkweeds, etc.
120 photos

Aquifoliaceae (Holly Family)
26 photos

Asteraceae - Aster Family
789 photos
with lots of pollinators

Brassicaceae - Mustard Family
20 photos

Cactaceae (Cactus Family)
16 photos

Campanulaceae (Bellflower Family)
32 photos

Clusiaceae - St. John's Wort
55 photos

Convolvulaceae - Morningglory Family
24 photos

Ericaceae - Heath/Blueberry Family
102 photos

Fabaceae - Pea Family
188 photos
Arranged alphabetically by genera.

Fagaceae - Oaks
51 photos

Gentianaceae - Gentian Family
40 photos

Lamiaceae - Mint Family
122 photos

Lentibulariaceae - Bladderworts and Butterworts
35 photos

Malvaceae - Hibiscus Family
15 photos

Melastomataceae - Meadowbeauty
39 photos

Onagraceae - Evening Primrose Family
34 photos

Orobanchaceae - Broomrape Family
44 photos

Passifloraceae - Passionflower Family
15 photos

Plantaginaceae - Plantain Family
40 photos
including Lindineriaceae

Polygalaceae - Milkwort Family
56 photos

Polygonaceae - Buckwheat Family
20 photos

Rosaceae - Rose Family
46 photos

Rubiaceae - Madder Family
46 photos

Salicaceae - Willow Family
28 photos

Verbenaceae - Verbena Family
32 photos

Vitaceae - Grape Family
21 photos

Dicots - other than families in separate albums
475 photos

Wildlife Garden
561 photos
Wildlife Garden from our Central Florida (Zone 9b) home. It is certified as a Wildlife Habitat www.nwf.org/gardenforwildlife/certify.cfm?campaignid=WH10... , as a Butterfly Garden ...

Archbold Biological Station and Lake June in...
17 photos

Black Bear Wilderness Area
54 photos
Seminole County, FL.

Black Hammock Wilderness Area
107 photos

Canaveral National Seashore
50 photos

CH Bronson State Forest
335 photos
www.floridaforestservice.com/state_forests/sf_management_... Has portions in Orange and Seminole Counties.

Chuluota Wilderness Area
126 photos
Bioblitz conducted May 2014. www.seminolecountyfl.gov/parksrec/naturallands/chuluota.aspx

Crosby Island Marsh Preserve
16 photos
an Orange County E.P.D. Green PLACE property at 13601 Moss Park Rd, Orlando, FL 32832. Ribbon cutting ceremony on July 17, 2019.

Deep Creek Preserve
8 photos

Eagles Roost Preserve
15 photos

Econ River Wilderness Area
133 photos
A 240 acre property of the Seminole County ( FL) Natural Lands Program. For more information see: www.seminolecountyfl.gov/parksrec/naturallands/econ.aspx

Econlockhatchee Sandhills Conservation Area
153 photos
Orange County, FL. 706 acres. floridaswater.com/recreationguide/econsandhills/

Enchanted Forest Sanctuary
35 photos
Titusville, Brevard County, FL

Ferndale Preserve
10 photos
Lake County, FL

Geneva Wilderness Area
85 photos
2020 Bioblitz project at www.inaturalist.org/projects/geneva-wilderness-area?tab=s...

Goethe State Forest
21 photos
Levy County, FLorida

Hal Scott Preserve
312 photos
A St. John's River WMD property. For more info, see: www.sjrwmd.com/recreationguide/halscott/

Hidden Pond Preserve
3 photos
113 acre Orange County Green PLACE

Isle of Pine Preserve
33 photos

Lake Apopka North Shore
202 photos

Lake Proctor Wilderness Area
101 photos
Seminole County, FL. Bioblitz in April 2019.

Little-Big Econ State Forest and Flagler Trail
17 photos

Merritt Island NWR, Titusville
248 photos
Merritt Island National Wildlife Refuge - 140,000 acres. Web site lists following habitats: coastal dunes, saltwater estuaries and marshes, freshwater impoundments, scrub, pine flatwoods, and...

Mills Creek Woodlands including Silcox Branch
16 photos
part of Florida National Scenic Trail. According to page 36 of www.fs.usda.gov/Internet/FSE_DOCUMENTS/fseprd494883.pdf this property is a 470-acre wooded area located near Chuluota. It features a...

Oakland Nature Preserve
57 photos

Ocala National Forest
31 photos

Orlando Wetlands Park
2014 photos
Christmas, Orange County, FL. For more info, see: www.orlando.gov/Parks-the-Environment/Directory/Wetlands-...

Palm Bluff Conservation Area
12 photos

Pine Lily Preserve
117 photos
An Orange County, FL Green Place property in the Econlockhatchee River Basin. See: www.orangecountyfl.net/YourLocalGovernment/CountyDepartme...

Savage Christmas Creek Preserve
196 photos
This is an Orange County, FL Green Place property. See: www.orangecountyfl.net/YourLocalGovernment/CountyDepartme...

Seminole Ranch Conservation Area
203 photos
Orange County, FL Part of the property is also Seminole Ranch Wildlife Management Area.

Seminole State Forest
306 photos

Split Oak Forest Wildlife and Envir. Area
410 photos
For information about the property, see:http://myfwc.com/viewing/recreation/wmas/lead/split-oak-forest Set also includes photos from adjacent Eagle's Roost Preserve.

Spring Hammock Preserve
11 photos
aka Seminole County Environmental Studies Center

Spruce Creek Preserve
13 photos

Tibet Butler Preserve
8 photos

Tosohatchee WMA
623 photos
Tosohatchee Wildlife Management Area, Orange County, FL. plus nearby Taylor Creek Rd. Eastern Kingbirds. According to the following web site, Tosohatchee has 30,701 acres, 19 miles along the St....

University of Central Florida
44 photos

Warea Tract, Seminole State Forest and Phil C...
31 photos

Wekiva River Basin State Parks
587 photos
These include Lower Wekiva River Preserve, Rock Springs Run State Reserve and Wekiwa Springs State Park.

Withlacoochee State Forest
24 photos

2017 Favorites
13 photos
A Baker's dozen of 2017 favorites.

2018 Favorites
12 photos

2019 - Three Dozen Favorites
36 photos