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Fly Agaric (a.k.a. Yellow Orange Fly Agaric; Amanita muscaria var. formosa) - Penny Lake Preserve, Boothbay Harbor, Maine

A Yellow Fly Agaric pushing it's way up through the pine needles.
It has been suggested that I remove the pine needles (or other debris) prior to mushroom captures, but I suppose that would depend on the photographer's objectives.
So, if all you want is the best look at one of these guys, then by all means "clean it up" , move in close, and make a small aperture, tightly cropped capture suitable for use in a fungi guide book.
But, if it's art you're after then I prefer then you may prefer the dynamic of the shroom pushing it's way through the debris and into the light.
I also like a bit of context in my picks, so in this case I included the entire pine trunk and the moss on both sides in this 9 capture composite image. And then, since the nine capture composite had enough pixels to work with, I cropped it six ways to Sunday to show how more is better (than less) when you need room to manure when creating an artistic composition.
Check out the six different crops below to see which one you like best, and if you click on one you will be able to scroll back and forth through the images to view them full screen while deciding which one you like best. And as stated above, your choice may be heavily influenced by the intended use of the image.