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We were hiking in the local mountains when we heard the familiar "bouncing ball" call.
From what I've read their closest relative might be the Parrotbill. A pretty cool little group. But hardly tidy. Some have cute dainty faces and some look like they were standing behind the door when looks were passed out. And how did they get here? With the Asians that crossed the Bering Strait in the Pleistocene Period? These Early Americans could walk in. But what if you could fly?
Why leave their previous home and move to LA? Well it wasn't LA back then and who knows what was happening at home. But let's say they had a good reason to find new territory. "It diverged from it's ancestors between 6.5 and 8.1 million years ago."http://creagrus.home.montereybay.com/parrotbills.html
So their ancestors braved the challenges of weather and geography. Left home and boldly went without a built in star migration map. Where was the shelter? Where was a reliable source of water and food?
Our strictly local dino descendants. Spooky eye. Comb-over belly feathers. Long legs and tail.
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