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User / pekabo90401 / October in Los Angeles 2015 collage
Pekabo / 2,615 items
October was a lot of fun. Many birds came to visit the Magic Bowl, a chrome and emerald oasis in a city turning brown from drought. A visitor blown off course inspired cheers from the small crowd who came just for him. Yellow throated Warbler. Life bird. The “secret stairs” are nearby, an escape route in case of Tsunami. Madrona Marsh had the bold color-block faced Lark Sparrows singing their sweet song. Ballona Freshwater Marsh was busy with coots and biting bugs. New bugs that bite in broad daylight. The Bushtits were dining on teensie hot dogs. We saw Red breasted Nuthatches and Mountain Chickadees at the Getty Villa. Days earlier we chased those nuthatches all over South Coast Botanic Garden. And Inceville ( Pacific Palisades.) Not too far from home and errands. The Bushtits, Spotted Towhees, California Towhees, Wrentits, quail, scrub jays and now White Crowned Sparrows check in for the bowls of water we bring. The Blue gray Gnatcatchers, Oak Titmice, and Ruby crowned Kinglets only tease us. I fear that migration is ending and our window to see these amazing creatures is closing. Let’s see what November will bring. As always, I am inspired by what you see and photograph and appreciate your support.
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  • Taken: Oct 31, 2015
  • Uploaded: Oct 31, 2015
  • Updated: May 6, 2019