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User / pekabo90401 / September 2015 collage
Pekabo / 2,615 items
Warblers are beginning to move through. We got a lifer. The Chestnut sided Warbler… has been called the Chest Nut sider Warbler. Yes. We know who you are. All it took was a long car ride in 100 degree heat to see a lifer. The Egyptian Goose. Lou and Chris met us there. Wendy gave us a tour of Mile Square Park. I was pulling in some big favors. It was my birthday (shhhh.) And this month we caught a very surprising new bird. The Black-throated Sparrow. A handsome bird, perhaps not obvious in my photos. We visited Huntington Mile Square Park, Temescal Canyon, Los Liones Canyon, South Coast Botanic Gardens, Malibu Lagoon, Ballona Freshwater Marsh, Woodlawn Cemetery … we hadn’t been there in a while. So many exciting birds but making this collage was tough. Too many dirt colored birds. Wrentits, Bushtits, Thrashers… my favorites. After all, this is the Wild Wild West. No wuckkers, Mate.
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  • Taken: Sep 30, 2015
  • Uploaded: Sep 30, 2015
  • Updated: Aug 11, 2018