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Michael Costello / 29 items

133 photos
Out of the four seasons, Autumn is one of my favorites. Haha, I mean it is definitely in the top 4. Everyone says Fall is their favorite time of the year. I mean really. The gorgeous colors...

It Rises - It Sets
58 photos

McConnell's Mill State Park
139 photos
These are some photos taken in the park . Slippery Rock Creek runs through and some streams and runs flow into the Creek. Falls are found thoughout the park and a number of wildflowers can be...

Moraine State Park, Lake Arthur, PA
147 photos

West Virginia
81 photos
This album contains images of West Virginia. To include: Blackwater Falls State Park, Dolly Sods Wilderness, Bear Rocks Preserve, Seneca Rocks, Babcock State Park, Cathedral Falls, Summerville...

Dolly Sods Wilderness, WV
31 photos

Zion National Park, Utah
10 photos
This was our first stop on the journey from Vegas. Only got to spend half a day there. Went on a few hikes through the park. Wish we had more time there though. Would have loved to hike up...

Bryce Canyon and the Area
34 photos

Capital Reef National Park, Utah
27 photos

Arches + Canyonlands National Parks and the area
40 photos

Monument Valley, Natural Bridges , Lake Powell...
27 photos

The Southwest
152 photos
Images from my June 2018 Trip to Nevada, Utah and Arizona. Most of the time on the trip was in Utah as we hit the National Parks (The Mighty Five), Numerous National Monuments, Utah State Parks,...

109 photos

62 photos
Most of these Wildflower photos were taken in the Slippery Rock Gorge of McConnell's Mill State Park. Some Moraine State Park and others along some small streams that flow into the Beaver River. ...

they fly
194 photos

Little Wings
107 photos
This is a collection of smaller species birds, butterflies, and other flying creatures. These images are of domestic or migratory in transit to northern destinations. Also from Florida wetlands.

black & white
84 photos

92 photos

21 photos

25 photos

odds & sods
83 photos

Ricketts Glen
28 photos
Rickett's Glen State Park, Pennsylvania

Acadia National Park, MN
14 photos
Had a nephew get married in Maine so took a drive up and took a couple days to go to Acadia. Stayed in Bar Harbor and really loved that little town. So cool. Drove to the park and did a...

Yellowstone National Park
54 photos

Grand Teton National Park, WY
33 photos

Badlands & South Dakota
64 photos

88 photos

17 photos
Most of these aren't very good, lotta noise but hopefully I can get a little better in the future.

71 photos
I decided to create a set of the photos I had taken that had made explore. Actually 4 of the first 9 are no longer there. Not even on the dropped list. Strange. I don't know what happen...