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Michael Costello / 1,585 items
Western Pennsylvania Autumn
Went on the tour, Frank Lloyd Wright was a geniusl. Drove by many times and never stopped and sure glad we did. What a magnifient structure. The Kaufmann's (The Kaufmann department store people from Pittsburgh, now replaced by Macy's. Oh how I miss Kaufmann's} asked Wright to build them a vacation place away from the city. They wanted to spend 25 large and the finished work ended up being a wopping $150,000. WOW! Hard to get a dump in the city for that much huh?. Upon completion of the house it ws priceless. Wright's unique approach to architecture included making the dwelling and living space blend with the outdoors and nature. As Fallingwater is his best example to this approach. He not only tryes to fit the home on the hillside against the flowing stream, but he incorporates the hillside and wter INTO and through the home. i.e., some large rocks weren't removed, they were included in the construction and the running water and waterfalls????? forget about it. Awesome place. I recomment check it out if you haven't already or at least read up a bit about the place, the artist and his works. The master of congruent angles I believe. His love of nature and the outdoors is so evidenced in this building by the large outdoo terraces, actually larger than the living space and rooms. So interesting. 150 grand? Absolutely priceless.
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  • Taken: Oct 11, 2011
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