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Alon-ness (vis-a-vis loneliness) is usually hard to attain in a society constantly on the move, time-poor, too busy, and always encouraging group-think and sharing. The value of solitude, despite the now sometimes difficult circumstances, is highlighted here.

Solitude enhances self-awareness and connection to self, and dependent again on circumstances, to nature, as illustrated here in the open. But, of course, nature is not 'out the window' as "the environment", it is inside the room as well, its everywhere as humans are relational beings within nature.

Connectiveness to self and/or nature can be embraced through many techniques of thinking and being. One good example is through meditation, e.g. vipassana mediation (as available to check out on the net).

Maybe you have other techniques you'd like to mention in the comments.

🎧 "Otherwise" album · Alexander Panagopouloshttps: //www.youtube.com/watch?v=oISTy7ndBA0&list=RDoISTy7ndBA0&start_radio=1

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