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Don't worry you haven't got the wrong Flickr feed. I just like to mix it up a bit!

This probably looks like a crappy photo of a tractor..which maybe it is to most people..but for me it was one of my most rewarding images so far.

Why? Because I like to make it difficult! When travelling in France we had an amazing red sky sunset. Annoyingly I had B&W loaded in most of the cameras BUT being out in the very last of the daylight I liked the play of silhouttes against the sky. I ran back to the campervan and got my 4x5 then back to the seafront by which time it was so dark I could barely see. I could only see silhouttes against the brightest bit of sky left so I framed up this.

It was too dark to see my lightmeter so I just guessed. This lens has no controls so I took the lens cap off and counted...

I didn't expect anything (at all) so this images was a lovely surprise!

Leica 4x5 lens, cool eh! :)

4x5 Intrepid Camera (wooden view camera) + Leitz Hektor 150mm F2.5 projection lens + Horseman 6x7 roll film back + 120 Fomapan 100@100 - 45sec exposure

Developing - 1:3 Xtol + 2.5ml Rodinal, 12min at 22 degrees, Epson v800 scan.

Colour as scanned, I liked the vintage feel and it reminds me of that red sunset



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