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The Clothes Show - NEC Birmingham

Sample shot from yesterday using Leica M9 + Leica Elmar 135mm f4

The Elmar 135/4 proved very tough to use on moving subjects, 2 reasons, 1) the small image in the viewfinder for focusing (in dim light) and 2) the focus thrown (if correct term - number of turns of the lens to go from shortest focal length to infinity) - very big!

I wanted to try this 1960s manual focus slow(ish) lens for event photography to see how it coped. In the low light I had the Leica M9 ISO at 2500 for some photos so it would not be suitable for paying clients but it was good to test.

I have the very capable but slightly (much much!!) larger Nikkor 200mm f2 I can use on my D800 for shots like this. I think the Elmar would fit in the hood of the Nikkor! :)

Still, a good test to try. I will not consider the Leica Elmar for indoor wedding photography.

This photo does not look that sharp but if you look closely the detail are there. Please note that at close range in good light the Elmar excels as shown in some of my previous posts such as studio portraits.

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  • Taken: Dec 8, 2013
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  • Updated: Oct 24, 2017