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Dan Behm / 58 items

1 photo
Astro Images Gallery

Barrow - Alaska
181 photos
A Gallery depicting Birds on Territory in Barrow Alaska

52 photos
An Album depicting Avian Birds from a 10 day trip to Florida

Favorite Images
240 photos
A Gallery depicting some of my Favorite Images!

49 photos
Images from the Greater Tucson Arizona area, Including Medara Canyon, Miller Canyon, Mount Lemon, Catalina foothills, Bill Forbes at Elephant head With Matthew Studebaker and Mario Davolas

Nome - Alaska
117 photos
A Gallery depicting birds photographed in Nome Alaska with Matthew Studebaker!

British Columbia - Boundary Bay
69 photos
Images captured in Boundary Bay British Columbia and the Vancouver area with friend Matthew Studebaker

West Virginia
39 photos
A Gallery of Images depicting the Beautiful Country of West Virginia.

San Diego
92 photos
I spent a week in the San Diego area photographing various Avian Species. I visited LaJolla Cliffs where I photographed Brown Pelicans, Double Crested Cormorants, Brandts Cormorants,Western and...

Yosemite National Park
24 photos
Images Captured from Yosemite National Park in California!

Yellowstone & Grand Tetons
30 photos

Smokey Mountains
15 photos
I traveled to the Great Smokey Mountains in the Fall of 2010 with my wife Bonnie for a lil get away and some Landscape photography. This set Includes images from that trip!

60 photos
Acadia National Park & Machias Seal Island

Oceanic Birds "Alcids"
32 photos
A gallery of images of birds that live there lives at Sea

Cuyahoga Valley National Park
232 photos
I am fortunate to live within the Cuyahoga Valley National Park System. So technically all the birds in my Backyard birds gallery are from within the CVNP as well, But I did list that as a separate...

Alleghenny New York
5 photos
A Gallery depicting images captured in the Alleghenny region of New York!

Shawnee State Forest
77 photos
Images Captured in Southern Ohio at Shawnee State Forest. I learned of this place when I participated in a Workshop with Matthew Studebaker. He has been Instrumental in my development as a...

Lake Hope- Zaleski State Forest
27 photos
Songbirds from within the Zaleski State Forest area!

Hiawatha National Forest
61 photos
Images captured in Michigan's Hiawatha National Forest

Coliseum Grasslands
26 photos
A Local Favorite of mine, close to home, This is the Old Richfield Coliseum site where they used to host Cavaliers basketball as well as the Harlem Globe trotters and many concerts in the 70's and...

25 photos
Conneaut is one of my favorite stops in the Fall, Thanks to Matthew Studebaker for guiding me here in the fall of 2010, I plan to make it a fall stop for years to come! This Set depicts some images...

Point Mouillie
73 photos
I Traveled to Point Mouillie in Michigan in the Fall of 2010 as well as 2011 for shorebirds. These are some images I captured from those trips!

Kellogg Bird Sanctuary
75 photos
Kellogg Bird Sanctuary is located in BattleCreek Michigan, it's maintained and managed by the local University there. It's home to a thriving swan and duck population, and also gets many migrants...

Yocotangee Park
10 photos
Images from Yocotangee Park in Chillicothe Ohio

Old Reid Park
10 photos
Beaver Lake "Old Reid Park" in Clarke County Ohio, The water color and backdrops can be mesmerizing here, although the wildlife is VERY timid, even the Mallards

Textured Artistic Images
1 photo
A Gallery depicting Images where I wanted to create an Artistic feel!

319 photos
Presentation of Images

Backyard Birds
142 photos
My Backyard is one of my most enjoyable places to create images, Not only because of it's convenience, but it allows me the ability to have some control over what the subjects are doing. As well as...

468 photos

Birds of Prey
178 photos

212 photos

199 photos

37 photos

193 photos

35 photos

4 photos

21 photos
A Gallery depicting Loons of all species!

34 photos
A Gallery dedicated to Grebes

Wading Birds
19 photos

Pelicans & Cormorants
24 photos

Gulls & Terns
39 photos

Coots & Rails
8 photos

Swans & Geese
28 photos

153 photos

25 photos
An Album depicting various Waterfalls across the Country!

11 photos
Lighthouses across the Country

Farms and Farmhouses
3 photos
A Gallery depicting farm scenes.

38 photos

19 photos

10 photos

6 photos

3 photos
Loved ones in my Life

11 photos
Our Dogs are a Huge part of our Family.

Planes,Trains and Things
8 photos

Artistic Creations
6 photos
Fellow Artists have selectred Images for use in there artwork for either school or clients... These are some of those Images!

4 photos
Images of Fish I have caught

2 videos
A Compilation of Short Videos captured while in the field!

Bird Photography Setup images
1 photo
Here I describe how an Image was created.