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9 photos

Checker Lily
41 photos
Checker Lily or Mission Bells (fritillaria affinis)

Chester, Zoo Staff Kitty
43 photos, 3 videos
Chester is a beloved staff member of Sequoia Park Zoo. I look for him every time I visit the zoo.

224 photos, 8 videos
New kitty adopted Jan 14, 2019

Nichole's Wedding
8 photos
October 6, 2018 in Grant's Pass Oregon was the setting for the wedding of my granddaughter Nichole and Ryan, her Prince Charming. It was a beautiful wedding with the setting at Nichole's mother's...

The Neighbor's Garden
29 photos
We are chicken sitting for the neighbor's and are getting paid with fresh eggs, strawberries and cherry tomatoes.

Teddy Bear Bee
39 photos
aka Valley Carpenter Bee

Calla Lilies, Beauty in Imperfection
42 photos, 1 video
All the calla lilies in this album are in my garden

26 photos
Anything artistic including artists and their paintings.

47 photos, 2 videos
Frankie is our new family member, a 6 year old black and white male kitty. We named him after Frankie, the adored Kune-kune pig at our zoo

Rats in the garden
43 photos, 1 video

Water Fountain Capers
220 photos, 4 videos

Twisting Vines
96 photos

115 photos
We adopted Jill on February 21, 2017. She is a Balinese Siamese cross, about 10 years old. She is in need of extensive dental work to remove impacted and broken teeth and will then be completely...

Farm Animals
455 photos, 3 videos

It's the little things
16 photos, 1 video
New group that allows one photo per week. The idea is to post things that make you happy.

Hummingbirds Molting
106 photos, 4 videos

142 photos, 5 videos
Most of the pelicans seen here on the Pacific Coast, Humboldt Bay are Brown Pelicans.

Surfing on the North Coast
31 photos, 3 videos
North Coast ocean waters are quite cold but surfers still enjoy the waves on the jetty and in ocean waters at Samoa CA.

159 photos
California Poppies come in a lovely variety of colors. Some I grow in my garden and some I have found at the Zoo gardens or other locations. This set will also include the Oriental Poppy.

193 photos, 2 videos

Fungus at Sequoia Park
402 photos
The woods at Sequoia Park have lots of interesting mushrooms and other fungus and lichen as well.

68 photos, 2 videos
Squirrels, chipmunks, rats, mice and other rodents.

Steller's Jay
180 photos, 3 videos
Visitors to my back yard

Plant Galls
40 photos
Most of the plant galls I have seen recently have been on Willow tree leaves.

Frogs, Lizards, Snakes
778 photos, 2 videos

Leafcutter Bees
160 photos, 5 videos
Ever since I discovered Leafcutter Bees in my garden I have been fascinated. Last year I took several great shots of a leafcutter bee in the process of cutting/trimming a leaf. I found a leafcutter...

Dragonflies, Damselflies
134 photos

Guttation on Fungus
90 photos
Droplets on mushrooms and all fungus fascinates me. From a link: Some fungi are prone to exhibiting a curious phenomenon—they exude beads of moisture, called guttation. In several polypores,...

Photo Collages
399 photos
I've made lots of montages and collages over the years I've been on Flickr using different photo editing programs. In this set are collections from all my interests: kitties, flowers, the zoo,...

Clouds, sunsets, sunrises
242 photos
and other weather related shots

Jellyfish and other aquatic creatures
123 photos, 5 videos

River Otters, Seals and Sea Lions
91 photos, 3 videos
River Otters ** at Sequoia Park Zoo, new enclosure August, 2014. **at Arcata Marsh Wildlife Refuge family unit, wild Seals **Harbor Seals

Crab Spiders
328 photos, 2 videos

Visitors To My Garden
1014 photos, 16 videos
There isn't a very wide variety of birds that visit my garden, mostly sparrows. Hummingbirds are regular visitors but have their own photo set. 2015. Album name has been changed to include all...

Sebastopol trip 2014
10 photos

Cats On Glass
31 photos, 1 video

2013 My Favorites
27 photos

Eureka CA
253 photos, 1 video
Includes Eureka and boat basin

421 photos, 7 videos

90 photos

Egrets, Geese, Ducks, all waterfowl and shorebirds
1769 photos, 31 videos
Wading birds and shore birds except pelicans, fwho have their own album.

The Pacific Ocean
299 photos, 10 videos

Butterflies & Moths
584 photos, 3 videos

Sunflowers & Pumpkins
152 photos, 1 video

Hammond Trail
12 photos
This 5-plus mile hiking/biking/equestrian component of the California Coastal Trail stretches from the Arcata Bottoms northward to Clam Beach County Park in McKinleyville. The trail has been voted...

395 photos, 1 video
A place to put photos that don't belong anywhere else.

Dog Shows
188 photos, 1 video

Dogs in Vehicles
161 photos

Humboldt Bay National Wildlife Refuge
162 photos

Ma-le'l Dunes
43 photos
The Lanphere and Ma-le’l Dunes Units are located at the upper end of the North Spit of Humboldt Bay, west of Mad River Slough. The most pristine remaining dune system in the Pacific Northwest, this...

Arcata Marsh
306 photos, 5 videos

Sequoia Park Zoo, Eureka CA
1044 photos, 25 videos

Humboldt County
305 photos, 3 videos
Photos around & about Humboldt County California

Red Pandas
216 photos, 15 videos
Red Pandas at the Sequoia Park Zoo in Eureka CA.

1626 photos, 17 videos

1005 photos, 16 videos
Anna's Hummingbirds at our feeder

All creatures except MY kitties
617 photos, 7 videos
Farm animals (cows, sheep, goats, etc) are in the Farm Animals Album

It creeps, it crawls, and other assorted bug type...
1112 photos, 6 videos

Places, things & nature
285 photos, 1 video
Shots of anything not in my garden (mostly).

61 photos, 2 videos

Sequoia Park Flower Garden
661 photos
This garden has some of the most beautiful flowers!

Mushrooms, Fungi, Lichen
1060 photos
Mushroom, fungi, lichen

Screen Shots, Nest Cams
40 photos
This is the link to the Great Horned Owl nest cam: www.ustream.tv/okcowlcam This is the link to the Humboldt Bay Bald Eagle nest cam: www.ustream.tv/channel/humboldt-bay-eagle-cam Here is the link...

Wild Flowers
1510 photos, 1 video

Just pansies
74 photos

Flowers in my garden
1484 photos, 1 video

Flowers & Waterdrops
542 photos
Macro shots of waterdrops on flowers (mostly).

Flowers, misc.
438 photos, 1 video
All kinds of nature related stuff but mostly flowers

Tall Ships in Eureka CA
13 photos
Lady Washington Launched in 1989, the new Lady Washington is full scale reproduction of the original which was a single masted sloop, built in the British Colony of Massachusetts in the 1750s, and...

Milk drop mania
68 photos

Waterdrop Mania
273 photos, 2 videos

Fashionable waterdrops
10 photos

The cube
10 photos
Auntie Meron (Miss Molly Magoo) sent a purple cube to the boys for a Christmas present. Jonah was first to claim it and defend it to all comers.

Jonah RIP 10/31/99-11/5/16
1123 photos, 5 videos
These are all photos of Jonah aka Honey Bunny & Fluffy Pumpkin & the sunshine boy

Jonah's Illness
30 photos, 3 videos
These are photos of Jonah's operations and illnesses.

Jack - Rest in Peace
817 photos, 2 videos
April 1, 1999 to November 17, 2017 These are all photos of Jack aka Baby Boy & Pumpkin Boy, Ninja Warrior or thug!

JD - Rest in Peace
426 photos
August 11, 2002 - March 4, 2015 He was a Daddy's Boy and very much loved by both of us.

Body Parts
119 photos
Collection of cropped photos of kitty body parts. Also includes some scanned shots.

Ladder Adventures
27 photos, 2 videos

Goofy Cat Videos
85 videos
Goofy cat videos and video clips. View at your own risk!

Great Cats World Park
24 photos, 1 video
greatcatsworldpark.com/cmsj Cave Junction, Oregon

Miniature Calla Lilies
113 photos

13 photos

194 photos

Christmas 2009
36 photos

Christmas 2011
32 photos

Humboldt County Fair photos
55 photos

58 photos

"Art in the Garden" Events
28 photos
"Art in the Garden" is a fund raising event at the expansive garden of Lynne and Bob Wells in Bayside CA. Lots of food, wine, flowers, music, artists and the rest of us. 2014 Art in the...

Black & white experiments
23 photos

Redwood Acres Fair 2011, photos
36 photos

Zootini at Sequoia Park Zoo
26 photos
I was the photographer for Zootini, a fund raising event at Sequoia Park Zoo. I took over 500 photos so this set is a very small sample.

1,000+ views
14 photos, 2 videos

500+ Views
50 photos, 6 videos

100 + views
783 photos, 53 videos

Your favorites (20+)
87 photos, 1 video

110 photos, 9 videos

FB photo challenge
40 photos

Redwood Camera Club
45 photos
Projects, challenges and photos critiqued.

2 photos
Old scanned photos. Nikki was our beloved kitty born March 4, 1987 and died March 17, 2000 from acute kidney failure. Today, finally, 11 years after his death I can look at his photos without crying...

3 photos
Retirment party May 18, 2009

37 photos
Trying new things. I use an older version of Print Shop.

27 photos
Experiments in color, etc.

16 photos
Photos hung for the exhibit at Humboldt Senior Resource Center, January 2011 Here is a link to the photos Dan hung at the exhibit: www.flickr.com/photos/41639038@N04/sets/72157625639098413/