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Went outside this morning to grab some shots of flowers, when lo and behold - I spotted this TURTLE in the back yard between our deck and the fence.

Not sure how it got there since the yard is fenced in, and we aren't near any creeks, rivers or any water source I'm aware of. Went to tell my sister but when we got back it was gone! Who said turtles are slow. No doubt well hidden in the ivy and vines, and after spotting the snake last weekend no way was I going to search any further.

Not being a turtle expert, the best I can make out, per my reptile guide book, this looks like a Gulf Coast Box Turtle, which is even stranger since we are nowhere near the gulf coast. Any help with the ID would be most appreciated.

*** Taking a quick break from the Arboretum. Flower pics coming shortly.
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  • Taken: Jun 16, 2021
  • Uploaded: Jun 16, 2021
  • Updated: Jul 20, 2021