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Flowers and Gardens
654 photos, 1 video

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982 photos

The Netherlands
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100+Faves Cats
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Animals not cats
174 photos

Floris and Jasmijn
439 photos
Floris and Jasmijn came to us when they where both 6 month of age. I fetched Jasmijn from an asylum. I have chosen her because she is not afraid of anything, plays a lot and has such a cute sweet...

100+ faves not cats
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Mushrooms - Paddenstoelen
132 photos

Birds of all kind
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5000 views and more
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Butterflies and other insects
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500 + comments
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Molens - Windmills - Watermills
54 photos

127 photos
At the end of december 2007 we had one Saterday morning like this. At the end of the day most was gone. But I could shoot some beautiful pictures. They are for the Christmas greeting cards 2008 I...

2000 views and more
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Other cats
69 photos

Cortez 2000- 2017
166 photos
Cortez was thecat of my oldest daughter. But since she has moved abroad in januari 2006 he is with me. Before that I have looked after him in my house for many times. Cortez is now one of the crew...

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Broer and Zus
109 photos
Broer and Zus are the two cats of my younghest daughter and her husband. They are brother and sister and that is what their names are in dutch. I often look after them when they are on holidays. At...

113 photos

20+ to 49+Faves
159 photos

France - Frankrijk
48 photos

27 photos

Maartje 1998 - 2010
37 photos
Maartje came to live with me and the other cats in januari 2009. She was the cat of my mother who could not take care for her anymore. I fetched Maartje from the assylum in 2002 she was estamated to...

Jochem 1997?-2006
13 photos
This is Jochem. We got him out of an asylum when he was about 4 years old. Soon it was clear he had HCM. With medication it went good until november 2006. He had a cardiac atack and died. It was a...

Morris 1990 - 2007
8 photos
Morris was actualy not my cat but the cat of my oldest daughter. But since she has moved abrought in januari 2006 he was with me. Before that I have looked after him in my house for many...

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