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19 items

the two tinies
90 photos

play me something stupid
3 photos

slabs of the sunburnt west
70 photos, 1 video
the road trip that never ends.

9 photos

chapter titles
5 photos

hirsute fest
816 photos, 1 video

you're just jealous
93 photos

over and out
574 photos

tales from the hippocampus
81 photos
stuff i shot in a previous life.

people who aren't my kids
222 photos

media truths that shaped my life
12 photos
the text is the thing on these. please pardon my dangling participles.

188 photos

308 photos

peculiar arrangements and assorted oddities
184 photos

eats and breathes
114 photos

29 photos

old flat stuff
59 photos

for "what i'm reading currently"
11 photos

seance for a deserted airstream
21 photos
nothing would make me happier than a chandelier dropping in my lap. let us all join pinkies.