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No matter what part of the world you are in, regardless of skin colour, religion and culture, most societies will have their own holidays.❄

In Norway, Christmas is a highlight. Light and ornaments are hung up in windows, streets, buildings and where else we can light up in the winter darkness. No matter how much battery waste is used or how high the electricity costs are, Christmas should be lit up.😊

The traditions and purpose of Christmas have probably changed greatly over time. Originally, this was a celebration of Jesus' birth (Jesus of Nazareth). Today is probably more of a celebration of the trade stand's annual turnover of goods we buy. Actually, we Norwegians have more than enough.😉Nevertheless, between NOK 110-118 billion is spent. to buy something for each other at Christmas (In Norway we are 5.3 million people).😮

The message of Christmas is love and peace, but many starts the new year with an empty wallet and regret wasted money as a promissory note falls into the mailbox in the new year.

Each Norwegian spends on average more than NOK 11,000 on trade, which could keep many people alive.💖

If someone speaks negatively about this, it is unpopular. We are a rich nation, and we like our prosperity. Before, when many had poorer advice, people used to buy more useful things for Christmas. It could be clothes, instruments, books, shoes, hats, socks and scarves and so. Today, many children want technological things, and family members come together to buy a more expensive gift for a child. This does not mean that this is a wasteful gift, but we can afford to buy what we need, all year round. However, many also struggle here in Norway with poor finances. There have been bigger differences between us.🎁

When I was a child, the scent of Christmas enclosed us weeks before Christmas Eve, which here in Norway is celebrated on 24 December. Christmas music flowed from a cassette player, mom washed ceilings and walls, closets and floors while she hummed and sang. The green soap of pine needles mixed with the smell of home-baked cakes was in every room.🍰

Eventually, the Christmas tree came in, Santa dolls and Christmas decorations were displayed on bookshelves, in windows and in all rooms. Dad always dressed up as Santa, until the day I recognized his shoes.
Christmas Eve was magical, with lovely food, music and gifts. I was always happy, no matter what I got.🎅

Still, it was a gift that meant more to me than anything else at Christmas. That was when I looked out the windows early in the mornings, waited for days, looked out many times, looked up when I was outdoors. And finally, finally came the magic moment. Snowflakes that fell down and coloured the dark autumn/winter months white and light. I loved lying on my back in the snow, sticking my tongue out and catching the taste of snowflakes that melted and was gone for a moment …

I wish you all a beautiful December wherever you live.
I want to share this song, sung by Sissel Kyrkjebø:
It shines in silent villages
of fluttering lights tonight,
and thousands of children's hands
hold the lights towards heaven
He lay with hay for a pillow
and cried on his poor bed,
but the angels sang out there
on Bethlehem's empty meadow.

There they sang for the first time
at night over the city of David
which is always young and new …
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