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Hazel / 49 items

Winchester U3A PG groups
18 photos

Hazel's in-explore
109 photos
my photos invited to explore

23 photos
a chance to play

A week in sunny Hampshire
15 photos
out & about with friends

animal friends
92 photos

195 photos

Bala Lake, Wales
34 photos
and en route there and back

beside the seaside
83 photos
where I love to be, preferably beach walking

birds and wildlife
67 photos

black and white
152 photos
something I like to dabble in from time to time

Cathedrals, churches and......
104 photos

*ღღ* Cosas de casa *ღღ*
37 photos
challenges for household items

10 photos

11 photos
Shots from a stay in Portobello

en France
20 photos
des souvenirs de mes vacances en France

*ღღ* Entre Amigos *ღღ* Proyecto 365 Días
569 photos
my 365 project on Flickr

fabulous food
123 photos

Flickr Friday
18 photos

Guernsey 2016
11 photos
celebrating my birthday in December

Happy Fence Friday
44 photos
fenced in - or maybe out

In our garden
195 photos

Jinks, my Cairn terrier 2002-2017
11 photos

just flowers
611 photos
flowers were my first love for photography

Looking Close...on Friday!
82 photos

135 photos

447 photos

Macro Mondays
122 photos

My dad's diaries
21 photos
written 1941 to 1945 mostly as a PoW

National Trust
165 photos

223 photos

Octubre Rosa
140 photos
Pink October

144 photos

76 photos

136 photos
my favourite colour, especially in flowers

131 photos

self portraits
20 photos

Sissinghurst Castle Gardens
10 photos

Sir Harold Hillier Gardens
55 photos
photos taken all year in this extensive garden

Smile on Saturday
123 photos

St Cross Almshouse
71 photos
a go-to place for peace and photography

42 photos
where I was born & neighbouring Norfolk

Sunday Lights
176 photos

sunrise and sunset
30 photos

52 semanas 52 palabras
23 photos

93 photos

The Human Family
154 photos
portraits and stories of folk I meet out & about

in Winchester
102 photos

Window Wednesdays
96 photos

131 photos