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User / ChasingNature / Happy Earth Day (in Explore 22-04-2021)
Ed Fisher / 432 items
Fairy Lake Bonsai Tree:

One hundred twenty one kilometers, (seventy miles), from the port city of Victoria, British Columbia on Vancouver Island, a plucky arboreal wonder can be found on the quiet waters of Fairy Lake.
Living up to its name, Fairy Lake is in a remote and unspoiled landscape near the town of Port Renfrew. Sticking up out of the lake’s stillness is a submerged log. Clinging to that log for dear life is a tiny Douglas fir tree. The log itself is a Douglas fir. As the stunted tree’s only source of support and nutrients, it feels like the dead tree made a sort of noble sacrifice to the tiny tree growing on it. Tourists, boaters and hikers come seeking it as a unique window into nature and rebirth.

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  • Taken: Apr 22, 2021
  • Uploaded: Apr 22, 2021
  • Updated: Jun 13, 2021