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Mark Heatherington / 1,507 items
This buck spent about 3 of the warmer months around my house last year. Last week was record setting warm (nothing to this global warming thing), and sure enough he showed up to rest in the shade. When I opened my door, he was about to run. I did the clicking sound that I did last year, and he relaxed. I really think he recognized me. Taken about 3 meters from my front door.

Black-tailed Deer (Odocoileus hemionus columbianus)

"The black-tailed deer is one of nine subspecies of the mule deer. It was first recorded by the Lewis and Clark Expedition of 1804-06.
Black-tailed deer live in the temperate coniferous forests along the Pacific coast. These forests are characterized by cool temperatures and lots of rain, but an overall mild climate. Black-tailed deer do not therefore migrate in response to seasonal changes, unlike some of the other mule deer subspecies. Instead, black-tailed deer often spend their entire life in the same general area.
Black-tailed deer can be distinguished from mule deer by their larger tail, the back of which is completely covered with black or dark brown hairs. Mule deer have smaller tails in which only the tip is covered with black hairs. Black-tailed deer are generally smaller than mule deer."
- nhm.org/site/explore-exhibits/permanent-exhibits/north-american-mammals/black-tailed-deer
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  • Taken: May 9, 2019
  • Uploaded: May 17, 2019
  • Updated: Aug 27, 2019