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N 182 B 3.9K C 18 E Nov 25, 2020 F Nov 25, 2020
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Happy Thanksgiving and thank you for dropping by!

Tags:   night fisherman golden gate bridge lights blue dark jazzy jazz coffee colors san francisco bay salesforce cityscape

N 30 B 378 C 6 E Sep 4, 2020 F Sep 5, 2020
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Spent an hour with these fox cubs watching them interact

Tags:   Fox Woodland wildlife

N 44 B 291 C 8 E Oct 11, 2020 F Oct 25, 2020
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Out of the sunrise
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Tags:   stag animals reddeerstag wildlife sunrise mist

N 401 B 4.6K C 52 E Oct 11, 2020 F Nov 24, 2020
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Tags:   stags deer mist goldenhour sunrise

N 601 B 7.3K C 41 E Nov 8, 2020 F Nov 24, 2020
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"Keep a fire burning in your eye
Pay attention to the open sky
Never know what will be coming down

I don't remember losing track of you
You were always dancin' in and out of view
I must've thought you'd always be around

Always keeping things real by playing the clown
Now you're nowhere to be found

I don't know what happens when people die
Can't seem to grasp it, as hard as I try
It's like a song I can hear playing right in my ear
That I can't sing
I can't help listening

I can't help feeling stupid standing 'round
Crying is the ease you down
'Cause I know that you'd rather we were dancing
Dancing our sorrow away
No matter what fate chooses to play
Just do the steps that you've been shown
By everyone you've ever known
Until the dance becomes your very own
No matter how close to yours
Another's steps have grown
In the end there is one dance you'll do alone

Keep a fire for the human race
Let your prayers go drifting into space
You never know what will be coming down

Perhaps a better world is drawing near
Just as easily it could all disappear
Along with whatever meaning you might have found
Don't let the uncertainty turn you around
Go on and make a joyful sound

Into a dancer you have grown
From a seed somebody else has thrown
Go on ahead and throw some seeds of your own
And somewhere between the time you arrive
And the time you go
May lie a reason you were alive
That you'll never know"

Ok, ok. So I have been listening to some Jackson Browne - but sometimes the words just fit, whether they are mine or not.

Oaker Coppice, Bircher Common, Herefordshire

Tags:   trees tree tranquil triumph available light autumn alone natural light Nikon National Trust Herefordshire Backlit Bircher Bircher Common forest fog Mist misty Rob Scamp rain Df