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Greg J / 53 items

Favorites From 2022
23 photos
My best and personal favorite shots taken in 2022.

Wood Ducks
1589 photos

Penticton & Whistler 2021
113 photos
Photos that I took during my vacation of 2021. I spent four days in Penticton, BC and then another three in Whistler, BC. Made full use of my Nikon D750, my 16-35mm, and my new 70-300mm.

Burnaby Lake
4217 photos, 1 video
Photos taken around Burnaby Lake Regional Park in Burnaby, BC.

Personal Favorites Three
339 photos
More of my best and favorite images. I'm happy with all of my photos but the ones I put into these folders stand out.

Kupo Con Port Pom 2019
3 photos
Photos taken during Kupo Con Port Pom 2019.

2018 Vancouver Train Expo
24 photos
Photos taken during the 2018 Vancouver Train Expo.

Brydon Lagoon
2747 photos
Photos taken around the Brydon Lagoon in Langley, BC.

Favourites From 2021
405 photos

Second Photoshoot
20 photos
A photoshoot that I did with a friend just for fun around Fort Langley, BC.

First Photoshoot
30 photos
Photos taken during my first ever photoshoot back in March of 2012 while I was still studying photography.

Australia 2016
51 photos
Photos taken during my trip to Australia back in September 2016.

Langley, BC
2780 photos
Photos taken around Langley, BC.

2012 Abbotsford Airshow
14 photos
Photos taken during the 2012 Abbotsford Airshow in Abbotsford, BC.

Fan Expo 2018
17 photos
Photos taken during Fan Expo 2018.

Anime Revolution Summer 2018
16 photos
Photos taken during Anime Revolution Summer 2018.

Personal Favorites Two
552 photos
More of my best and personal favorite photos.

Fan Expo 2020
283 photos
Photos taken during Fan Expo 2020, my only convention of the year.

Fan Expo 2019
27 photos
Photos taken during Fan Expo 2019.

My Cosplay Photos
346 photos

5334 photos
Various species of ducks that I've photographed over the years. They are my favorite birds, especially Wood Ducks.

1 video
Various videos taken while out photographing.

Face Lake 2020
96 photos
Photos taken during a three day fishing trip up at the Mile High Resort on Face Lake.

13 photos
Photos of mine that were featured on Explore at one point!

New Westminster
18 photos
Photos taken around New Westminster, BC.

White Rock
154 photos
Photos taken along the beach and waterfront of White Rock, BC.

Victoria & Vancouver Island
35 photos

My Car Photos
2 photos

2019 Vancouver Train Expo
48 photos
Photos taken during the 2019 Vancouver Train Expo at the PNE Forum.

My Still Life Photos
94 photos

Personal Favourites
557 photos
My best and personal favourite photos out all of the ones that I've taken.

My Train Photos
57 photos

Emergency Prepardness Exercises
52 photos
Photos taken during Emergency Preparedness exercises with Ally Emergency Management.

My Plants & Trees
4 photos

Cloverdale, Surrey.
334 photos

28 photos

Disneyland 2018
116 photos

California Cruise 2018
25 photos

Mexico Cruise 2019
219 photos
Photos taken during my cruise around Mexico in April of 2019. I cruised aboard the Norwegian Bliss and she took me to Puerto Vallarta, Mazatlán, and Cabo San Lucas.

My Animal Photos
112 photos

Richmond, Delta, and Steveston.
1197 photos
Photos taken around the area in the cities of Richmond, Delta, and Steveston.

3952 photos, 1 video

2210 photos

109 photos

My Photojournalism
95 photos

My Portraits
509 photos

My Ships & Boats
405 photos

Alaska Cruise 2017
137 photos

My Architecture Photos
81 photos

My Bird photos
7778 photos

My Landscapes & Waterscapes
603 photos

My Cityscape Photos
1160 photos

My Aviation Photos
1210 photos